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Arden Achieve partners with JOLT for webinar series

Partnering with tech company Jolt, Arden University is to bring students a series of exciting webinars across June. 

Collaborating with the team behind Arden Achieve, Jolt is a global ed-tech company that offers live, online, hands-on workshops and short courses led by industry experts from top companies. Led by top industry experts, the four workshops are available to all students, and offer access to leading experts with extensive personal and professional experience, as well as valuable industry insights. 

On Thursday 8th June, students can attend ‘Using AI to Manage student digital stress’ with Yair Nativ, a serial award-winning impact entrepreneur and the CEO of Hour25.AI. This session explores how artificial intelligence can be utilised to cope with the challenges of the digital era. Revealing practical strategies, tools, and techniques to reduce digital stress, enhance well-being, and optimize productivity, this session is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and empower yourself digitally. 

On Thursday 15th June, students can attend ‘Exploring AI Tools for Digital Skills’ with Lionel Amit Mitelpunkt, Innovation Manager for Global Corporate Learning at webacademix. This Jolt lifts the lid on a range of AI-powered tools that can significantly boost your efficiency, creativity, and effectiveness in various digital domains.

On Thursday 22nd June students can attend ‘Utilizing AI for writing’ with Ben Pines, Director of Content at AI21 Labs and Wordtune.  In this session, Ben will demystify the world of AI and demonstrate how it can enhance your workflow, streamline your processes, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Ben will show you how to properly leverage AI tools to make informed decisions and work more efficiently, all while feeling empowered and in control.

On Thursday 29th June, students can attend ‘Intro to Digital Marketing', with Digital Marketing Expert Yuri Gankin. This session explores the main three pillars of successful digital marketing campaigns - Targeting - Tracking & Optimization. The session will demonstrate how digital targeting & and consumer tracking actually works - and what are the most important best practices used to make the most of any digital campaign.

Students will be able to sign up for the upcoming sessions, once they do, they will receive an email with the session link.

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