Mar 30 2022

Arden lecturer contributes to agile research project

Arden University’s Head of School of Project Management, Dr Serkan Ceylan, has recently contributed to a research project on behalf of the Association for Project Management

Entitled ‘Understanding Agile in Project Management’, the report includes a systematic literature review that identified 353 papers from major academic publications, 31 semi-structured interviews with senior and experienced project professionals from a broad range of business sectors, and the results of a survey featuring over 600 respondents.

The research looks to explore agile in relation to project management in both theory and practice, as well as its usage, effectiveness, and how it can be better implemented and understood. 

A published author, Serkan has previously written ‘AgileFrame® Understanding multifaceted project approaches for successful project management’, and is also a non-executive director for the International Project Management Consortium and acts as an APM board member for the WESSEX region.

To find out more and read the report, click here to visit the APM Research website.