Give future employers more reasons to hire you. Access all these professional certifications via ilearn as an optional extra, boosting your chance of career success.

After graduating from your degree programme, having a few extra strings to your bow can mean the difference between securing that perfect job, and continuing your search indefinitely.

Acquiring these skills through self-directed learning shows your commitment to professional development – and the great news is, Arden students can gain access to these courses simply by logging in to ilearn.

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Salesforce, Cisco Networking Academy, and Amazon’s AWS Educate all offer the opportunity to study professional-level courses and certifications online.

As an Arden student, these are a non-compulsory addition to your course; for those who do wish to complete an additional course, we provide an easy route for you to be able to do so, developing your skills in areas such as IT and computing, marketing, or business. Here’s a little bit about them:

Salesforce Trailhead have over 140 Trails and 520 badges covering business, computing and use of Salesforce as a management tool, providing access to professional-level materials to ensure your industry knowledge remains current.

The topics covered by the different certifications are intended to target a range of job functions, including administration, development, architecture, marketing, app building, and consulting. You have the freedom to target certifications used to demonstrate a more generalised skillset, or those focusing on a more specialised pathway.

Salesforce has been an industry leader in customer relations management (CRM) for more than 20 years. Capitalising on the current market demand for employees with Salesforce skills can have significant benefits for your career, as a growing number of job postings highlight demands ranging from product understanding to more complex development roles. On average, jobs in the UK requiring Salesforce skills earn over £40,000 a year.

Cisco Networking Academy provides business and IT professionals with the resources and training to make a real impact in their industries - and their careers. Focusing on soft skills and technical skills, Cisco’s self-paced pathways allow you to develop these areas from the ground up, and decide on specialisations when you are ready to advance to the next stage of training.

Cisco Networking Academy has been dedicated to changing the lives of millions of students in 180 countries, and their certifications are highly valued by employers globally in the medical, legal, food and beverage industries, and more.

Amazon’s AWS Educate gives access to a range of tools for cloud-related learning to those students and professionals aiming to enhance their careers in the field of technology. With the increasing demand for cloud employees, the content, technology, training, and career pathways by AWS provide an academic gateway for the next generation.

AWS Educate is a global initiative from Amazon, facilitating the training of students through hands-on experience in courses such as data science, web development, cloud computing, and many more, for which students receive credits along with a host of industry-relevant skills.

Extra credit

The courses made available through Salesforce, Cisco and Amazon are self-paced; you can study as many different courses as you like free of charge, and your decision to participate – or not – will have no impact on the results of your Arden programme.

As you complete professional programmes with Cisco (not Salesforce or Amazon), you can earn and display ‘badges’ on your LinkedIn to indicate your expanding skills to prospective employers. While the courses themselves are free, it costs between £150 and £200 for each badge you want added to your profile, and it's your choice whether to purchase badges or not.

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