Institute of Health & Social Care Management partners with Arden

Arden University’s healthcare students will benefit form an exciting new partnership with the Institute of Health & Social Care Management (IHSCM).

The new partnership with the IHSCM will enable Institute members to access and influence Arden’s relevant, career-ready courses and for Arden students to enjoy the benefits of IHSCM membership.

Arden University has a growing reputation for the quality and breadth of its health and social care curriculum through its School of Healthcare Management.

The IHSCM will work with Arden academics to enable sector leaders from its membership to contribute to curriculum development and delivery.

In addition all of Arden’s 1000 School of Healthcare Management students will be enrolled into the Institute. 

Students will enjoy unlimited access to the IHSCM’s diverse range of events, conferences, workshops and networks as well as opportunities for mentoring and coaching.

Announcing the partnership, the IHSCM’s CEO, Jon Wilks, said: “This is a wonderful partnership in the full sense of the word, enabling our members and Arden’s students to enjoy learning and development opportunities together. We are delighted at the potential for further collaboration that it provides and believe that this is a great template for development of health and social care education.

Stephanie West, Head of the School of Healthcare Management at Arden University, added: “We are excited to be working with the IHSCM to mutual advantage. Our students will thrive with the experience and expertise in the sector that members of the IHSCM will provide.

Jon Wilks added: “The Institute of Health and Social Care Management can trace its formation back to 1902 and there is no doubt that the original founders would be in favour of this partnership. It is very much in keeping with the overall intention of supporting and encouraging the development of IHSCM members.