Exciting Updates from Arden University‘s Institute of Foundation Studies

At Arden University, we understand how important it is for students to feel supported as they take their first steps into higher education. That's why we're excited to tell you about some significant updates we’ve made to our foundation year degree courses, all designed to enhance your learning experience and help pave the way for success in your future career.

More degree subjects to choose from

A degree foundation year bridges the gap for students who may need additional academic support before beginning their full undergraduate degree. It provides essential skills, knowledge, and confidence, helping you succeed in higher education. From psychology to computing and business management, we now offer foundation year options across 23 degree courses. These foundation years provide students with additional preparation time and a confidence boost as they begin their journey in higher education.

New curriculum for enhanced learning

One of the key enhancements we've made is the introduction of a new curriculum to reflect the most up-to-date developments in your chosen study area. With eight brand-new modules, students—whether studying with us through blended or online learning—dive straight into subject-specific content from day one. These modules cover important topics so that you become familar with your subject before entering you 3-year bachelor’s degree course, and also help you develop of employability skills with guidance from the Arden Careers Team. Plus, our weekly Module Clinics ensure you‘ll have easy access to our Module Leaders for additional guidance and support if needed.

Interactive teaching approach

We believe in an interactive, activity-focused teaching method that encourages students to share their ideas and take ownership of their learning journey. This approach empowers our students to tailor their studies based on their interests, helping you develop a deeper engagement with your course material.

More teaching staff to provide personalised support

In addition to our new and improved curriculum, we've invested in expanding our teaching staff specifically for foundation year courses. Our dedicated team of lecturers, which has more than doubled over the past two years, provides stability and encouragement as you get to grips with life at university. With increased academic support, students have more opportunities to engage with our teaching staff, receive helpful feedback, and build meaningful relationships with their lecturers.

Enhanced student support

We've also expanded our student support systems to ensure every student feels empowered to succeed. Weekly tutorial hours with your lecturers provide help and assistance with module content, exam resit preparation, and much more. This personalided support includes 'Welcome Tutorials' to help you access all the learning resources available to you, and online 1-1 tutorials for even more help and guidance where needed. We're committed to helping every student identify and overcome any challenges they may face while they study with us.

Now, over to you!

Our foundation year students are already benefiting from these updates, gaining the skills they need to map out successful careers in a variety of careers. With our new student-led curriculum, increased academic presence, and emphasis on oustanding support and guidance, the Arden Institute of Foundation Studies is dedicated to providing academic excellence for everyone.


Whether you're considering a foundation law degree, psychology with a foundation year, or foundation studies in business, you can explore Arden University's wide range of foundation year degrees here. We wish you the best of luck on your academic journey!