Financial support for your journey at Arden University

How can Arden students access financial support?

At Arden University, we understand that higher education is a significant investment for all students.

We also acknowledge that the financial burden that comes with higher education is a key barrier stopping many people from pursuing a university degree.

With that in mind, we have several schemes in place to bridge the financial gap and allow access to university for all students who are fully engaged and committed to their studies. As part of our mission to celebrate inclusivity, we aim to give equal opportunities to students, regardless of their financial situation.

Find out some of the ways our financial services team can help you realise your potential at Arden University.

Financial support schemes

Arden students who have successfully completed their induction milestones and are fully engaged and progressing in their programme may be eligible for the university’s Financial Support Schemes, also known as the Hardship Fund for students.

This support fund offers financial support for students in the UK who are facing unexpected financial hardship and can help to support living costs including rent, childcare, and other living costs. There are also funding streams to support access to digital equipment and costs.

Both online and blended learning UK students can explore the different funds available via Blackbullion, a financial wellbeing platform equipping young people with lifelong financial skills. Arden University partnered with Blackbullion to provide its students with financial support and advice throughout their time at university and beyond. Students can sign up to Blackbullion using their Arden University email to see all the funding options available.

This type of structured, consistent financial support for students addresses the continued cost-of-living crisis causing students stress and anxiety alongside financial difficulties through no fault of their own. The funding streams directly aims to reduce the number of students dropping out of their studies due to financial hardship.

Additional financial support for students

As well as the Hardship Fund for students, Arden University offers eligible students other avenues to access financial support, including Arden’s Graduation Fund. This fund provides financial support for students in limited circumstances to attend their graduation ceremony to further promote inclusivity across the university.

As mentioned, both UK and international students at Arden have access to the financial educationtool Blackbullion. Students can access support with budgeting, planning and further financial advice on topics such as cryptocurrency and student finance.

External bursaries and scholarships

It is important to note that you may be eligible for external financial support. It is worthwhile exploring the various bursaries and scholarships that may be available to you based on various factors including disability, location, and financial hardship.

External bursaries and scholarships can be accessed online on sites such as Myriad, The Scholarships Hub and Turn2Us. These three sites are a good starting point to discover the types of bursaries and scholarships you may be eligible to apply for.

There are also multiple disability-specific scholarships and bursaries available to those in need including The Student Health Association and The Leatherseller’s Company. Students with a disability or a long-term health condition can also get individual study-related support through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) scheme (please note this scheme does not provide financial support but can provide access to key equipment and specialist 1:1 support).

Supporting your higher education journey

The measures we have put in place aim to make your time as a student at Arden University safe and comfortable. We believe that financial hardship should not be a barrier to higher education, so we do all we can to create an inclusive environment where \education is a priority. The financial support for students we provide has been proven to help both inside and outside the classroom.

Are you eligible for financial aid? Explore Arden University’s Inclusion Portal today and find out how we may be able to support you financially during your studies.