Transforming student experiences

Arden University's commitment to the student experience and academic outcomes

At Arden University, our focus on the student experience and learning outcomes stems from our core values and the unique position we hold as a new institution dedicated to providing accessible education and removing barriers to higher education. We now have students from more than 153 countries currently enrolled with us, representing 187 nationalities attending 13 global study locations, as well as students studying their degrees with us fully online. For everyone here at Arden, enhancing the experience of our diverse student population isn't just a goal, it's an essential part of our commitment to inclusive, empowering, and transformative education.

Enhancing the student experience through our new Student Hub

In November 2023, we launched our revamped Student Hub, a key inititave in fostering positive student outcomes. With 21,555 unique users and 346,871 total student sessions to date, the Student Hub serves as a centralised platform connecting students to invaluable resources here at Arden. This includes seamless access to our online learning platform iLearn, the Library portal, Inclusion and Careers Services, as well as access to financial support and drop-in sessions with our team of Academic Skills Tutors.

One of the key highlights of the Hub is a new, simplified structure that enables students to connect with various support teams from one online location, ensuring that students can reach out to the right teams at the right time in their academic journey. It's not just a hub; it's a dynamic space designed to enhance accessibility, support, and ultimately, student success.


Before I started, I was a little bit worried I would feel alone. And then, quite shortly after you realise that you can actually get in touch with students support or the tutors whenever you need to, who always take time to explain everything give you what you need. We have video calls and we can email them separately or on the platform. Having that sense of community and being able to talk to my tutors is really important. And I do feel like it's a little community and I'm a year away from finishing, and I will really miss it.

BA Graphic Design Student


4.5-star affirmation on Trust Pilot and NPS rating

In 2023 Arden University's Trust Pilot score rose to 4.5, surpassing industry standards.

In October 2022, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) stood at +43, already reflecting high levels of satisfaction. By September 2023, we experienced a significant improvement, with an increase to +60, a rise of 17% in student satisfaction. Our NPS Promoters segment, which takes into account scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 given to us by our students, made up 63% of our student base in October 2022. By September 2023, this Promoter score rose significantly to +73, a 10% increase in students rating us at either 9 or 10 out of 10.

Unitu: encouraging engagement and collaboration

Our student and staff forum, Unitu, has undergone a significant transformation in the last 12 months, aiding engagement and networking across the university community. The platform allows anyone to raise questions, ideas, or issues about the student experience, from where to find the right information to new big ideas on developing something special at Arden University. 

The ongoing development of Unitu includes raising awareness of the roles played by our student representatives, focused private feedback boards, and the introduction of key administrative staff to manage the platform. These changes will create an authentic space for constructive discussions and feedback, with Unitu poised to become an integral part of our university culture.

Supporting student towards graduation

Looking ahead, we’ll be implementing a new data-based initiative from February 2023 to identify students who might need additional academic coaching, providing tailored interventions to support their academic success. By proactively identifying challenges our students may be facing early in their academic journey, we’ll be better able to monitor and support the development and needs of every student. 

As a growing university, we recognise the importance of ensuring that all our students, regardless of background, have the support they need to succeed. Our commitment to accessibility and removing barriers will continue to be a driving force in everything we do. We are actively working towards providing industry-leading support, personalised guidance, and an inclusive learning environment. At Arden, the journey doesn't end with achievements but extends to the ongoing success of every student who joins us.