4 Reasons why you shouldn't press pause on your studies this year

Why do you want to earn your degree? Keep up your momentum and finish strong! Here are just a few reasons why you should stick with your programme and resist pausing your studies.

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Don’t press pause on your employability

Studying a university-level course can catapult your career to new heights. When employers see that you’ve put in the effort to earn a degree or complete a higher education programme, they’ll see that you are hard working and dedicated. Delaying your programme could mean setting you back on reaching your career goals.

The actual knowledge and skills that you develop will make you a prime candidate for promotions and higher paying positions. Having highly employable skills is more important now than ever, as the job market has become even more competitive. More qualifications and proof of your abilities on your CV will make you a better candidate for jobs later on in this competitive market. 

With a qualification from a university, you can rise above other applicants who didn’t put in the study hours -- but first, you must complete your course!

Don’t press pause on your routine

During lockdown, you may find yourself with a little more time on your hands to explore interests you weren’t as free to do before. While you are spending more time at home instead of going out, why not develop your professional skills and further your knowledge in a subject that interests you?

You may feel tempted to pause your course while we are all facing the difficulties of living during a global pandemic. However, if you take a prolonged break from your studies, it can be difficult to find motivation to return to your course. 

If you’re already progressing through your programme it is much easier to continue the routine you’ve already established for your studies, rather than pausing and trying to find time for your course at another point in your life. 

Don’t press pause on spreading some love!

Your friends and family were likely thrilled to hear that you were starting your journey towards a new qualification. There may be moments when you feel like pressing pause on your studies and taking a break, but keep in mind the reasons you started in the first place.

Show your loved ones all of the achievements you are capable of by sticking with your studies and earning that degree! You never know -- you could inspire someone from your circle to follow their dreams and study a course of their own.

Don’t press pause on improving yourself

There are endless reasons why someone might choose to earn a degree, many which aren’t about finding a new job or getting a higher salary. Learning new skills and furthering your knowledge in an area can boost your confidence and help you feel more fulfilled. 

And if you’re passionate about the topic you’re studying, the course will feel less like work and more like a deep dive into a world you're excited about. You can take advantage of all your learning resources and the knowledge from experienced academics to have a truly enriching educational experience.