What is UCAS Extra?

From opening date to deadline, here's everything you need to know about UCAS Extra if you're thinking about using the service to apply for uni.


Applying to university can sometimes be a little overwhelming, especially when things don’t go quite as expected - and if you find yourself searching for a plan B, a UCAS Extra choice could be a handy lifeline to have. 

So, what exactly is UCAS Extra, and how does it work? 

As the name suggests, UCAS Extra gives you the chance to add extra university choices to your UCAS application if you haven’t managed to secure an offer from any of your top five. 

To make a UCAS Extra application, all five of your original university options must have: 

  • Declined to give you an offer;
  • Made you an offer which you chose to decline; or
  • Been cancelled by you before an offer is made
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UCAS Extra opens on 25th February and anyone eligible can add an Extra university to their application by following these three simple steps: 

  • Log in to UCAS and search for courses with availability
  • Before adding them, contact your university of choice to double-check that they can consider your application
  • Add the details of your choice in Track

How many chances do I get to use Extra? 

It’s important to know that you can only add one Extra university at a time, so choose your preference wisely. If you receive an offer, great – your first Extra choice can become your firm choice! 

Bad news? Not to worry – you can add another option through Extra, and this process can be repeated as many times as you need until the UCAS Extra closing date on 4th July. 

Still have a burning question? 

We’ve put together a short video covering everything you could need to know about UCAS Extra 2019.

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