5 Ideas to Stay Productive During your Summer Break

Read Arden University's top tips for staying productive during the summer.

The summer holidays are a time for a well-deserved relaxation, idling around and overeating. 

So this is what you promised you would do during your summer break..

This is what you’re probably doing.. 

But today is a new day and sky is your limit...

So here are ways you could stay productive all season and return to uni with more skills than ever: 

1. Get Healthy: 

Summers are for snacking up and being sedentary but why not make the most of the sun by getting outdoors and exercising? It doesn’t have to be long hours of you taking selfies in the gym mirror. 

It could be walking instead of driving, or, even exploring a new place and getting to know your neighbourhood better.. or even taking your pet for a walk.Remember! Regular exercise improves your concentration and confidence.

2. Learn a new skill 

Whether you want to progress your career or just learn a new hobby, summer time might be the perfect time for it. There are so many free apps like duolingo where you could learn new languages, or you can even learn to code. Spending some time each day trying to broaden your skill set will make you stand out in interviews. 

3. Volunteer: 

Why not spend your time in making others’ lives better and thus giving yourselves a rewarding experience? With our daily busy lifestyle, it’s easy to ignore the less fortunate around us. Did you know, LinkedIn found that volunteer experience can give job candidates an edge with hiring managers? 

4. Plan your future goals:

Living in the present and making the most of it is great but you also need to be wise and plan. Sometimes reflecting over your short-term and long-term goals, helps you reach your target much faster. Rather than being preoccupied with everyday events, take a step back and look to the larger prospects. 

5. Get inspired: 

 Watch some inspirational TED talks or interesting documentaries on BBC, Youtube, Netflix. With the internet, the world is your oyster, and there’s inspiration everywhere, so make the most of it. 

If watching is not your thing, listen to podcasts while you commute, cook or if you’re sitting in a coffee shop. 

You could also use Pinterest or Instagram to look for some new DIY inspiration. If you prefer reading, why not head to our Knowledge Base where you’ll find plenty of content to keep yourself occupied for days.