The ultimate open day checklist

Attending an open day is one of the best ways to discover whether a potential university offers exactly what you’re looking for. If you’ve got any university visits down in the diary, our ultimate open day checklist will help you make sure you learn all there is to know on the day.

Woman looking at a book in her lap

Choosing the right university for you is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Although the academic side is important, you should also think about facilities, financial support and the social side of things. These aspects - and many more - will all contribute towards your learning experience as a whole. 

At Arden, we do things differently. We offer distance learning courses - which you can study for at home - and blended learning courses, which combine classroom and online learning. So if you think blended learning at one of our study centres might be for you, here are some of the things to look out for at our open days.

1. Study centre facilities 

woman looking around an Arden study centre

Looking around our centres will give you a real feel for the Arden experience. Taking a tour and making sure to check out the facilities, along with the local area and amenities, should help you decide which city might be the best fit for you. 

2. Course structure


Take the time to ask questions about course structure, modules and content. If you know exactly what it is you’ll be learning, you will find it a lot easier to choose where to study. Don’t only think about topics you think you’ll enjoy learning about, but also if the taught topics are relevant to the career you wish to pursue.

3. Teaching staff 

Teacher pointing at a chalkboard

Talking to course leaders and other academics related to your area of interest will help you gauge what your learning experience will be like. Think of any questions you might want to ask beforehand. Finding out about typical class sizes and teaching methods can be useful.

4. Social aspects 

If you’re hoping to enjoy the social aspects of university as well as the academic parts, don’t be afraid to ask about local amenities and the student experience in general. There’s no denying that the recreational side of things is of interest to many students – if it’s important to you, it’s always worth finding out more. 

5. Timetable 

Sample Blended Learning Timetable

Your timetable may or may not be of particular importance to you at open day stage, but if you’re planning on working while you study it’s a good idea to start researching as soon as possible. Arden University is designed to be as flexible as possible, in order to fit around your home and work life. With only 8 hours of classroom learning per week, and the rest of your study done online, our blended learning programmes are created with your career obligations in mind.

6. Student support

Two women talking across a desk

Student support may be something that you feel you can benefit from for any number of reasons. Any good university will have a solid student support system in place for anyone with worries, concerns or specific issues. Don’t forget to find out what kinds of support will be available to you – you may be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer.

7. Financial support

Another kind of support – financial. If money is one of your main concerns when it comes to studying, it’s vital to find out what kind of financial support is available to you, from loans and grants through to bursaries. Getting more information can help you decide what the most realistic option for you is when it comes to money. 

Find out more about fees and funding at Arden and how our courses are more affordable than most universities.

8. Accessibility 

Perhaps one of the most boring considerations, but relevant nonetheless: how accessible the university is for you. Remember, if you’re having to travel there every week, it’s better not to have to travel for many hours. Check whether public transport links are sufficient, or whether parking is provided. (Of course, distance learning is always a viable alternative, too!) 

At our Open Days you can expect to learn what it’s like to study with us, take a tour of our study centres and more. Secure your place today.