6 Reasons Why You Should Study Data Analytics

In this age of information, the internet has made it easy for anyone to gain information whenever and wherever they need. Here's why a career in Data Analytics is the next big thing.

If you want to succeed in this digital world that is creating a knowledge-based society, you must study trends. Right from MNC’s to start-ups, everyone depends on data to formulate improved strategies for the future of their companies. 

Now picture yourself as the person these companies depend on before they make any big business decision. That is precisely why you should study data science and big data analytics. 
Reasons why you should study data analytics

1. Data analytics is significant for top organisations

The outburst of data is transforming businesses. Companies - big or small - are now expecting their business decisions to be based on data-led insight. Data specialists have a tremendous impact on business strategies and marketing tactics. 

2. Job opportunities on the rise

The Science and Technology Committee published this report and noted that 58,000 jobs could be created and £216bn contributed to our economy (2.3% of GDP) by 2021. 

The demand for data specialists is on the rise while the supply remains low, thus creating great job opportunities for individuals within this field. 

Today, it is almost impossible to find any brand that does not have social media presence; soon, every company will need data analytics professionals. This makes it a wise career move that has a future in business. 

3. Increasing salaries for data analytics professionals

According to Prospects, entry level salaries for data analytics professionals range between £24,000 and £25,000. With a few years' experience, salaries can rise to somewhere between £30,000 and £35,000, while high-level professionals and consultants may earn £60,000 or more.

4. Work opportunities in a spectrum of industries 

Many industries are reliant on data, so you could opt for a career in any number of industries, including:

  • business intelligence
  • marketing
  • sales
  • finance
  • data assurance
  • data quality
  • higher education

5. You will influence the decision-making in the company

While most company employees feel the lack of decision-making power causing job dissatisfaction, that’s not the case for data professionals. 

With a unique role within the company, you will be a vital part of business policies and future strategies thus making it a very rewarding career.

6. It presents perfect freelancing opportunities

Data analytics is also a prospect to become a well-paid consultant for some of the major firms in the world. As the job is mainly IT based, with a good internet connection, it can be done from any part of the world. This gives you the perfect opportunity to broaden your sources of income and provide yourself with a good work-life balance. 

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