In demand jobs in 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, we’re looking ahead to the new year and beyond, to the most in demand jobs of 2021. Take a look at just a few of the roles to keep an eye on next year - you might find an exciting new career opportunity on the list!

1.  Software engineer

Software engineers are widely sought after around the world, and with the constantly evolving nature of technology this field always needs more innovative minds. In this role, you’ll be creating and regularly improving systems according to user requirements. To adapt to the rapidly changing field, you’ll be expected to continue educating yourself on new technology and emerging trends.

Generally, some experience in the field and demonstrable technical skills are necessary for getting full-time work. A degree in a related technical field will also greatly improve your chances of finding work and may be required for some positions. 

Graduate software engineer salaries in the UK start at £18,000, and average annual salaries beyond these entry positions pay between £25,000 - £50,000. Senior level positions can make over £70,000 annually.

2.  Physiotherapist

Partly due to post-COVID rehabilitation needs and an aging population, we’re experiencing a shortage of physiotherapists in the UK. In this role you’ll work directly with patients over a period of time to treat their specific physical ailment or injury. These treatments could include exercise, manual therapy, or electrotherapy. Physiotherapists also instruct their patients on managing their condition and avoiding future injuries.

The area of physiotherapy is made up of several sub-specialities such as neurology, cardiovascular, and paediatric. Entry level salaries range between £24,907 and £30,615, with head management salaries listed at around £63,000.

3.  Supply chain manager

Supply chain managers are in charge of the entire flow of production from acquiring materials to producing a final product. They oversee an organisation’s overall performance, track goods from beginning to delivery, manage costs and quality, and are aware of everything happening within the supply chain.

Covid-19 has proven the importance of supply chain management, and shown what can happen when systems break.We need experienced managers who can not only work within the current supply chain, but prepare for problems and understand the importance of digitisation in supply chain management.

To get started as a supply chain manager, you will likely need a degree in a related field such as business or specifically in supply chain management

Entry level positions can start at around £24,337, with analysts earning an average of £34,601. Supply chain managers can earn £46,998, and supply chain directors may get about £104,868 per year.

4.  Financial advisor

As the title suggests, in this role you’ll advise clients on how to best manage their finances. To provide the best services for your clients, you’ll need to research all available and emerging products as well as be well-informed of the current marketplace. Financial advisors typically possess a degree in finance or accounting, and could have a better chance of getting a position with a background in accountancy, finances, or business management. 

Trainee advisors can earn between £22,000- £30,000, with salaries only increasing as you gain more experience. 

5.  Cyber security analyst

With so much business and financial transactions occurring online, cyber security is one of the most important areas a modern organisation should invest in. Generally, as a cyber security analyst you will be responsible for protecting an organisation’s IT infrastructure from various security threats. 

Though it’s possible to enter this field without a degree, you might have an easier time meeting certain requirements if you have a degree in computer science or other IT-related subjects. Starting salaries for cyber security analysts begin between £25,00 and £35,000. 

Make 2021 the year you follow your ambitions and take steps to land your dream job! Have a look through our course listings to find the degree that will boost you to success!