Life on Lockdown: What Does it Look Like for an Arden Student?

With the UK and many other countries caught up in the Coronavirus pandemic, life has been put on hold for so many; at Arden, our students are continuing with their studies in a way that’s as close to normal as possible.

With multiple countries currently in some form of lockdown, life is a world away from normal for many people at the moment – but how exactly is the Coronavirus pandemic affecting students at Arden University?

With parents having to tackle the challenge of home-schooling and full-time and part-time workers adjusting to their new normal – whatever that may be – throw a qualification into the mix, and that’s a whole lot to handle right now!

Thankfully, with adjustments made for Blended Learning students, all of Arden’s degrees are currently taught entirely online, making life that little bit easier for students currently juggling different commitments.

We caught up with four Arden students from around the UK and abroad to discover what life in lockdown looks like for them.

Arden law student timetable


Danniela is currently in her second year of her LLB and would usually attend face-to-face classes twice a week at our Birmingham study centre.

For the time being, she has moved home with her parents while the UK remains in lockdown: “It’s a small, peaceful town and I think it is the best place to be during this lockdown.”



Arden Distance Learning student timetable


Last year, Nikki graduated from Arden with an HND in Travel and Tourism Management and she’s now studying towards her Business Top-Up via Distance Learning.

As an onboard Purser for a major airline, Nikki is normally extremely busy commuting from her home in the Netherlands to destinations worldwide; however, she has been placed on furlough in light of Covid-19 and is currently enjoying the extra time she’s getting to spend on her studies.

“I feel very grateful for the fact that my Distance Learning hasn’t been affected and in these uncertain times, it has been a great support to have my study to focus on, as well as spending more precious time with my family,” Nikki says.

Arden Blended Learning student timetable


Clara is a second-year law student and is also Student Rep President at Arden Uni – since the lockdown began, she’s played an active role in supporting Arden students, and has created a WhatsApp group to help students stay connected around the world.

Clara is currently on lockdown at her home in the UK and is juggling her own studies with home-schooling her own children, aged three, eight, nine and 14 – phew!

“I never really have an average day as I have to juggle a lot around - however, I do try to stick to structured time with my children,” Clara explains.


Arden Distance Learning lockdown timetable


Living in Germany, Bettina has been on lockdown a little longer than Arden students in the UK. Having completed here first-year assignments very recently, Bettina is now moving on to the second year of her Psychology degree.

Bettina usually works full-time as a waitress, and while she usually spends quiet periods studying, she has found herself with much more time to dedicate to her degree as the lockdown means she is unable to go to work.

“My average day during lockdown is pretty different – but besides my shifts at work, the things I’m doing are actually mostly the same,” Bettina says.

Is Arden still teaching through Covid-19?

Here are four wonderful examples of how our students have been able to continue their studies throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re interested in furthering your education, we’re currently accepting applications for both Distance and Blended Learning courses. Distance courses are taught entirely online, while Blended Learning has transferred to real-time, online teaching temporarily; we will be resuming face-to-face classes for our Blended students as soon as it is safe to do so.