A day in the life of a Psychology Experimental Officer - 9 September 2020

Join Psychology Lecturer Kieron Rooney as he gives an insight into the role of Psychology Experimental Officer (in its many iterations!)

Taking Place: Wednesday 9th September, 12:00 – 12:30 BST 

As part of this session, Kieron will be covering:

  • What is the role, and how does it differ from similar roles at other universities?
  • What scope is there to do things outside of the job role that interest you?
  • What do you need to get into the role?
  • What are the best parts of the role, and what are the drawbacks?
  • What are the development opportunities?

If you have any questions for Kieron, please include these in the registration form and we will try to get these answered as part of the session. 

An introduction to Kieron Rooney:

Arden University Kieron Rooney

My name is Kieron Rooney, and I am a lecturer here at Arden University. I have a rather broad set of interests, though my real passion lies in mindfulness, stress and anxiety, and neuroscience. How can we better navigate to what is 'right' versus what is 'easy', and what stands in our way when we try to? Those are the questions that drive my interest in psychology from both an academic and personal perspective, thus forming the basis of my research. I am predominantly quantitative in nature, though (albeit very recently!) I have an increased appreciation for qualitative research methods.