Taster Week - Fast track your career with a masters degree - 24 July 2020

Arden University brings you Taster Week! In this session, Dr Gail Steptoe-Warren and Suzanne Mitchell focuses on the benefits of studying a Masters, both personally and professionally, as well as giving an overview of our exciting Fast Track your Career incentive!

Join us for a session focused on how a Masters degree can help to fast track your career. Academic Dr Matthew Hall (Psychology Programme Team Leader) and Outreach & Recruitment Officer Amy Knott will be leading the webinar, and will cover:

  • Why do a Masters degree?
  • How Distance Learning works
  • Arden postgraduate degree courses
  • Postgraduate entry requirements
  • How to apply
  • Fast Track your Career Incentive 
  • Q&A

As mentioned above, there will be an opportunity to ask Matthew any questions about Postgraduate study. 

An introduction to Suzanne Mitchell:

Arden University Staff Suzanne Mitchell

I’ve worked in Higher Education with a focus on student support, student experience and overarching student services for approx. 17 years now and have been with Arden specifically for over 2 years.  Needless to say, supporting and enhancing the student experience is a particular passion of mine! I thoroughly enjoy, meeting, helping, supporting and getting to know our students and understanding how we can best support individuals to be as successful as they possibly can….and a bit more. 
For me personally, a key part of our Covid-19 response was that our students be able to continue with their studies with as little disruption as possible. We wanted to make sure that the services they needed, the contact points, the guidance and responses all carried on as seamlessly as possibly. The Student Support teams were crucial in this and embraced this new remote way of working brilliantly. They all recognised the importance of Arden being the consistent and supportive presence whilst the wider world adjusted to the pandemic and reached out to all students on a weekly basis. Students reacted brilliantly to this and really appreciated the effort the team made.

An Introduction to Dr. Geraldine Hall:

Arden University Programme Leader Dr Geraldine Hall

Dr Geraldine Hall is Programme Team leader for Postgraduate Business, responsible for their management and academic delivery. She has worked in the higher education sector for 14 years, previously at Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales as a Senior Lecturer, as programme lead for the diploma stage of the part-time MBA programme and the MBA pathway in Sustainable Decision Making. Geraldine holds a PhD for her thesis on John Pearce’s Radical Social Enterprise and Alasdair MacIntyre’s ethics. The research was a synthesis of the works of these two authors to develop a model as an alternative to capitalism. Geraldine’s current research interests are MacIntyrean virtue ethics and their potential for creating more ethical business practices and Radical Social Enterprise and alternative organisational structures which harness community and shared ownership to create ethical organisations.