Introducing the Senior Leader Apprenticeship with MBA

Description: Join Andrew Charlesworth – Corporate Business Development Manager at Arden University and Tim Robson – Programme Team Leader for the Senior Leader programme, as we host a webinar to talk through the new Senior Leader with MBA programme.

Taking Place: Monday 22nd February,

Who Should Attend?

The webinar is for Learning & Development and HR Professionals looking to understand more about the governmental changes that have been made to the Senior Leader apprenticeship standard. We also welcome individuals who are interested in starting the programme and you will have the opportunity to ask questions following the webinar. 

  • Andrew Charlesworth will provide a walkthrough of the  new Arden University Senior Leader with MBA programme. This will include how the programme is delivered, qualifications, the support resources available to both learners and line managers  and the application process if you are interested in applying.
  • Our Lead Academic, Tim Robson, will also be present to detail our collaborative learning techniques, including the development of your critical thinking skills in the workplace to support with fresh ideas and new interpretations.
  • Tim Robson will also be discussing some of the structural changes that are being made to the programme, following the governmental review of the Senior Leader apprenticeship standard.
  • The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session, allowing you to ask any questions concerning our Senior Leader offering.