School of Psychology Q&A Panel

Are you considering a career in psychology? Are you interested in learning more about human behaviour?
If you have started or are thinking about making an application to study one of the psychology courses here at Arden, there can be many questions about what to expect. 
Arden University has put together an interactive panel to help make sense of the courses available and what career paths our psychology degrees can take you down.

Taking Place: Monday Dec 7th 
13:30 BST – 14:00 BST 

We have assembled a panel of Psychology academics who can answer questions about the world of psychology. Whether you want to study via Online Learning or Blended Learning, our panel will help improve your understanding of what it means to study a psychology degree here at Arden University.

Join this session if you want to:

  • Learn about the courses the school of psychology offer
  • Career opportunities
  • To ask academics your questions directly

Alexis Friday

Alexis Friday is one of our Outreach and Recruitment Officers, based across our London campuses. Having previously worked as a Course Advisor, helping people with their applications and enrolment, Alexis has a great knowledge of all things Arden! 

Daniella Nayyar

“I am an applied social psychologist, passionate about understanding how the social identities we belong to help us to understand more about ourselves and how we interact with others. I am interested in understanding biases, barriers and challenges that individuals face as members of specific identity groups and how we can use theory to better understanding and work towards breaking these barriers. I am currently working towards my doctorate degree. My thesis involves understanding the political groups of the EU Referendum and 2016 US Presidential Election from a social psychological perspective. I am investigating voters perceptions of group belonging, political identity and social value ideals to assess the potential for bias activation in this context. This feeds into the main aim to determine what views are differentiating voting groups as a way to initiate further understanding to suggest methods for reducing prejudice and discrimination.”

Dr Naomi Pierce

Dr Naomi Pierce is a Lecturer in Psychology. Naomi currently teaches Personality and Intelligence at Arden, and has taught across a range of psychology modules during her career including qualitative research methods, and gender and sexualities. Naomi enjoys working with students to help them develop critical thinking and analysis skills, and to encourage them to use these skills in discussion with each other. Naomi is also an active researcher, and examines sexualities and sexual health using critical and discourse analysis methods.