School of Social Sciences hosting virtual careers event

Details of careers and employment event

In order to help provide students with valuable career insights, The School of Social Sciences is planning a virtual Careers and Employability Event for Arden University students. 

Accessible through iLearn, and taking place between the 23rd and 27th August 2021, the event will cover a wide range of vocational topics across criminology, sociology, psychology, and graphic design. 

A broad variety of both external and internal speakers, including attendees from Penguin Books, North Wales Clinical Psychology Programme, and the Child Brain Injury Trust, will be sharing invaluable knowledge and expertise.  

There will also be a range of other presentations and workshops that cover everything from exploring opportunities in postgraduate study to enhancing your online presence.  

The event is designed to provide students an insight into different career opportunities, especially some which students may not have previously considered or known about, as well as seeing where Arden University students can take their degree. It’s also designed to help them see a number of ways in which they can make themselves as employable as possible. 

“We want this event to really showcase the wide and diverse career pathways available to students. Sometimes it can be difficult to think about where you can take your degree, so we are hoping that this event will be able to open students’ eyes that they can explore many different opportunities. In addition, we have speakers lined up to help our students become strong candidates and develop themselves, so when that ideal vacancy comes up they are in a strong position for it,” said Dr Leanne Rowlands, Senior Lecturer and Employability lead for Psychology and Social Science.

To find out more and register your interest find the ‘Social Sciences Employability Event’ tab within Skills Mini Modules, or click this link:​​​​​​​