Studying your degree with foundation year entry - 29 June 2020

Join Arden University's Foundation Year Team leader Towella Ngambi, for a discussion on the benefits of studying a Bachelor's Degree with Foundation Year Entry. 

As part of this session, you will learn more about the benefits of studying a Bachelor's Degree with Foundation Year Entry here at Arden University. The webinar will be led by Foundation Year Team leader Towella Ngambi, and will cover the following topics: 

  • What is a Degree with Foundation Year Entry? 
  • What skills are covered and the support you'll receive. 
  • The impact a Foundation Year has on student success. 
  • Syllabus and entry requirements. 
  • Your tuition fee payment options. 
  • Live classroom demonstration.

The session will conclude with a Q&A session where you can put your questions to Towella.

An introduction to Towella Ngambi

Arden University Foundation Year Team Leader Towella Ngambi

Brief biography

Towella Ngambi teaches Psychology and is also a Team Leader for the Foundation Year and Pearson Programmes. Before joining Arden, she worked in Social Care organisations, which dealt with Homelessness, Drug rehabilitation, Re-offenders and Mental Health. She also taught mainly hard to reach young people within inner city London, where she was able to support learners and service users through mental health intervention programmes. She has a Masters in Applied Psychology and is a Member of the British Psychological Society.

Areas of expertise

  • Mental Health
  • BAME issues in Education
  • Foundation Year students – retention, progression, success
  • Children and Young People
  • Social Psychology 
  • Biological Psychology

Published papers (please include any ongoing research)

  • Ongoing research into Foundation Year students