Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication and when should I use it?

Multi-Factor Authentication is used for extra security in addition to your university password and is required by all staff, students and associates to access Microsoft 365 services. This will be used by the university as the primary method of authentication for other services, such as iLearn.


How do I set it up?

If you haven’t used Multi-Factor Authentication recently, we would recommend you check your settings - you can view and change these at any point.

In order to set it up, you will need:

  • A computer, such as desktop/laptop PC or Macbook, which will be used to set up your account
  • A mobile device (mobile phone or tablet/iPad), which will be used to approve access
  • Your university login details

There are a variety of ways to approve authentication. This will depend on the device you have and your preferred method, as displayed below.


Option 1

Microsoft Authenticator app

Microsoft Authenticator app
Video • 3 mins


Option 2

Phone call

Phone call
Video • 2 mins

Read full instructions here:

MFA instructions