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Ever wondered why you act so differently depending on the social situation you're in? People have a massive impact on the way we behave and the choices we make. Our thoughts, our feelings, our perceptions, our attitudes - they're all heavily influenced by those around us.


Social psychology is the study that explains how the social environment impacts individuals within a group. It's not to be confused with sociology, however - which is the study of larger groups of people.

Topics covered by social psychologists are extremely varied but equally fascinating. These include understanding how leaders use their influence within a group, why we conform to fit in and what causes a person to develop prejudices against other groups.

Social psychologist personality traits

Our fictional famous social psychologist

Lazlo Kreizler (The Alienist)

Set at the end of the 19th century, The Alienist follows psychologist, Lazlo Kreizler, and detective, Sara Howard, as they look to catch a child serial killer. Although in the novel (and the miniseries based on it), Lazlo is heavily involved in an early form of criminal psychology, he's an advocate of the idea that people's behaviour is influenced by social experiences and how this can help establish an understanding of their actions.

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Social psychology jobs - salary

A social psychologist's salary is dependent on several factors. However, according to data collected by Glassdoor, you can expect to earn anywhere between the region of £27,436 and £78,673 - depending on your experience and location.

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