Arden Enterprise Incubator

Take your business goals to new heights with our full support. 

What is the Arden Enterprise Incubator?

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, already at the early stages of setting up your own business venture, or just looking to enhance your business acumen, the Arden Enterprise Incubator programme will help you nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, innovate, and grow your business once it’s up and running. 

You’ll be joining our community of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and experienced academics, who will provide you with real insight into how to set up a successful business. You’ll also have access to a wealth of resources to aid you in the pursuit of your goals based on how far along you are on your business journey.

"The Arden Enterprise Incubator is about developing and nourishing innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. It is an opportunity for all of our students to get expert and specialist advice if they are thinking about a new enterprise startup or want an existing business to grow. The Enterprise Incubator will provide professional mentoring and coaching sessions by successful business entrepreneurs who will guide you through the challenges of business start-up and growth. Welcome to the future of innovation!"

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Professor Dilshad Sheikh

Dilshad Sheikh
Dean of the Faculty of Business

We have a business support package tailored to your needs

Whether you need help getting your business idea off the ground or are already your own boss, the Arden Enterprise Incubator has three distinct levels that provide a platform for you to grow from. 

Dr Alison Watson

"Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with AEI, where your ideas are nurtured, your skills are honed, and your dreams of impactful innovation come alive.  Seize this opportunity to transform your vision into a sustainable reality that shapes your future and the world. Dare to dream and let Arden Enterprise Incubator be your launchpad to success."

Dr Alison Watson
Head of School of Leadership and Management
Dr Syed Tarek

"A key focus for Arden University is to provide accessibility and opportunities for students to develop their business ideas. The Arden Enterprise Incubator (AEI) does just this, whether you are based in the UK or globally the AEI is available to you."

Dr Syed Tarek
Deputy Head of School of Leadership and Management
Dr Alfred Mbeteh

"Entrepreneurship is mindset first, skill set second and practice. The AEI is that community that will help stimulate your mindset towards entrepreneurial activities, develop your skills and provide the necessary support to help you scale your enterprises. Regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, AEI offers tailored support and progression opportunities."

Dr Alfred Mbeteh
Senior Lecturer/Head of Arden Enterprise Incubator

1. Setting up your business

This stage is for students with just an idea or little knowledge of entrepreneurship. It covers entrepreneurship concepts, spotting opportunities, creativity and innovation, Business Model Canvas (BMC), and Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

2. Launching Your Business 

For students with an MVP or developed idea at the point of starting their enterprise. Topics include patenting, copyrights, fundraising, marketing, and team formation and development. 

3. Growing Your Business 

Designed for established businesses looking to foster growth. It covers advanced topics including growth strategies (e.g., strategic alliances, franchising, joint ventures), Initial Public Offering (IPO), financial and client management, and customer retention.