Your guide to a great application

Let your Application shine!

Whether you’re applying for a job or to study with us here at Arden University, your CV and your personal statement will provide an employer or university with a first impression of you, which means they're both really important and should be completed with care and attention.

Take a look below at our advice on getting both of these right first time, helping you to stand out and take a step nearer to whatever your goals are in life.

How to write a CV

A CV is an important document that everyone should have. It can seem impossible to sum up your career and academic achievements on paper - here is a basic, step-by-step guide to help you get the ball rolling...

  1. Personal Details
    Make sure your address, contact details and name are at the top of your CV so the employer, college or university know how to contact you.
  2. Objective
    Clearly state what it is you want to achieve from studying your choose course/programme, or what type of role you’re looking for and why. This should be three or four lines long.
  3. Profile
    This is an introductory paragraph where you should sum up your recent experience. These short sentences should capture the interest of the reader. 
  4. Education
    In bullet points and in chronological order, list your academic achievements. This should include the institutions that you studied with, qualification titles and grades. 
  5. Work Experience
    This should also be in chronological order, with your most work experience at the top. Make sure you include any awards or achievements, and talk about any transferrable skills you have acquired whilst working.  

How to write a Personal Statement

The personal statement for our undergraduate courses needs to be 350-500 words long. We recommend discussing the following:

  • How a degree qualification could benefit you and why you have decided to study a programme at this moment in time.
  • Why did you choose this course? (E.g. interest in the subject, career aspirations, modules that interest you etc.) It’s great to refer to personal ambition and any personal experience that relates to your chosen subject. 
  • Why Arden? Was it the flexibility of our study modes? Were you inspired by one of our Open Days? 

Finally, tell us why you think you have what it takes! What experience or qualifications do you have that could contribute to your success on the course, or prove to us that you are committed?