Student Charter

Arden University Student Charter

At Arden University, we are passionate about supporting people, achieving our best and inspiring progress.

To help us support and inspire you to achieve your best, we have created a Charter– it’s a set of guidelines that we can all follow, highlighting how we can work together to ensure you have a great learning experience.

To ensure you have a great learning experience, we ask that you:

  • Treat everyone that works or studies with Arden with respect and comply with our policies and regulations
  • Engage positively with your course, your tutors and fellow students to make the most of the learning opportunities we provide
  • Help us understand your motivations, personal schedule and targets so that we can help you achieve your goals
  • Keep your tutors and student support coordinators updated on your progress, how you are feeling and if you have any concerns that may be holding you back
  • Commit to your studies by attending and taking part in scheduled activities
  • Seek help and advice when you need it and make the most of the support available to you
  • Complete and hand in assessments on time, with diligence and honesty, whether or not they count towards the final mark and take on board the feedback we provide to help you succeed
  • Be an ‘Arden ambassador’ and promote good, positive behaviour at all times
  • Tell us what you think by providing helpful feedback through evaluations, surveys and your student representative.

To help you have a great learning experience, we will:

  • Provide a warm welcome and be respectful and professional at all times
  • Continually deliver high quality, engaging teaching and learning opportunities and access to a wide range of online learning materials
  • Publish clear and accurate information about your course and our policies, procedures and regulations
  • Support you on your journey by actively encouraging you to engage with and successfully complete your course
  • Work with you to clarify your career aspirations and give you the tools to achieve your goals
  • Give you helpful and timely feedback on your assessments, offering guidance for improvement and supporting your development
  • Equip you with the resources and academic and pastoral support needed to achieve the learning outcomes for your course
  • Help you develop a set of personal and professional skills over and above your academic studies as laid out in our ‘graduate attributes’ (explained in your Programme Handbook)
  • Create opportunities to work with others and network with students from all around the world
  • Boost your employability by building on your transferable­ skills throughout your studies
  • Encourage you to develop professional ethics, to strive for equal opportunities and to value diversity
  • Listen and respond to constructive feedback and support you to participate in the development of the University.
  • Be focused on and responsive to you, our students and always have your best interests at heart
  • Encourage you to speak up to help influence and improve the way the university develops and is managed
  • Represent your views and interests through the student representative and communicate any outcomes
  • Be open and honest with the university and its students
  • Encourage interaction with your fellow students from all over the world to enrich your experience of studying with us
  • Ensure you are treated fairly, respectfully and are aware of your rights and responsibilities and encourage interaction with students from different countries and cultures around the world.

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