What are the 2-week milestones?

The 2-week milestones are a requirement for all new students to fulfil within the first two weeks of teaching before confirming registration. These milestones are crucial for your success and help us support your potential on the course.

What is the 2-week milestone checklist?

The checklist of milestones varies based on whether you are enrolled in online distance learning or blended learning.

Online distance learning

  1. Attend the induction

You will receive information about multiple induction dates once you have provisionally enrolled, which will be communicated through your Arden University email. The induction will help you get to know the university and staff and plays a crucial role in making a positive start and building relationships here at Arden.

  1. Complete the online induction module

You will be given access to the induction module through iLearn, the platform for online learning in your programme. Login details will be sent to your Arden University email. Completion of all lessons and activities is compulsory to demonstrate your understanding of the online environment, learning requirements, and programme structure.

  1. Successful release of your first study module

You can manually release your first study module during the "Module Release Window," starting from Induction Week and closing at the end of Teaching Week 1. It is vital to release it early to ensure sufficient time for studying your learning materials and preparing for your first submission.

  1. Sufficient levels of online engagement on iLearn

Consistent engagement on iLearn is essential as it houses all your learning materials, Zoom lectures/recordings, and assignment information. Once you release your study module, you will find your assignment briefs, submission portals, and learning content from your lecturer. As an online learning student, you will need to spend significant time online to progress in your programme.


Note: The LLM in Professional Legal Practice also requires the successful completion of the free English Legal System module, a mandatory non-credit-bearing module for both law and non-law graduates.

Non-law graduates will gain insight into the legal system in England and Wales, and law graduates will find it a valuable refresher. The multiple-choice question test must be completed and passed, with a score of 50%, by the end of week two.

Blended learning

  1. Complete the online induction module

Once you have provisionally enrolled, the induction module will be made accessible through iLearn six weeks before your first module begins. You must complete all lessons, activities, and discussion forums to demonstrate your understanding of the online environment, learning requirements, and programme structure. 

  1. Attend your campus-based induction

Dates will be confirmed and communicated via email.  

  1. Achieve 100% face-to-face attendance

You must physically attend all the lessons at your chosen study centre during the first two weeks of teaching. Your timetable will be confirmed and sent to you via email. 

  1. Frequent engagement on iLearn

To facilitate your progress and ensure readiness for your studies and initial submission, it is essential to actively engage with iLearn and consistently check the provided materials.


Note: All CertHE courses include a mandatory introduction week featuring the Introduction to Higher Education ‘mini-module’. Students must complete this subject-specific module and will be assessed through:

  1. Participation in discussion forums/class conversations.
  2. A multiple-choice questionnaire during the final subject-specific class (in class for monitoring purposes).
  3. 100% attendance.

Failure to pass the Introduction to Studying in Higher Education will result in the student being withdrawn from the programme.


What happens if I meet the 2-week milestone criteria?

At the end of the 2-week period, a Milestone Committee meeting will review all students. Those meeting the criteria will be confirmed as registered at Arden and can proceed with their studies.

Does the 2-week milestone affect my SFE loan?

SFE tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, or any other SFE grants won't be released in the first 2 weeks. Registration confirmation and attendance details at Arden will be submitted to SFE after this period, contingent on meeting all checklist points.

When do I get my maintenance loan from SFE?

If your SFE application is approved and you meet the requirements after the 2-week period, Arden's Student Finance team will confirm your registration and attendance to SFE during the third week of teaching. SFE is expected to release funds in 3-5 working days after receiving confirmation.

You can check updates on your SFE online account or call 0300 100 0607 for application status.

Note: If SFE is still processing your student loan application, Arden's Student Finance Team can't submit confirmation until it's fully approved.

What if I can’t attend all my lectures in the first 2 weeks?

Inability to attend all lessons or complete milestones puts you at high risk of withdrawal. Contact your study centre if you're struggling to meet the requirements.