National Student Survey

What is the National Student Survey (NSS)? 

The National Student Survey (NSS) is conducted every year, and gives final year, undergraduate, students across UK the chance to voice their opinion about their university experience. It’s your chance to leave behind a legacy, as you approach the end of your journey with us, and make a difference to future Arden students.

Eligible students will receive an email from Ipsos MORI, the market research firm who collect the feedback and results, and all results are completely anonymous.  

Why is it important for students to complete the NSS? 

We take your feedback seriously. There are two parts of the survey, a quantifiable part where you will rate how strongly you agree / disagree with something, and a free text part where you can explain why you feel that way. For us, the more detail you provide the more changes we can make.

Following on from student feedback, in 2021-22, we have: 

  • Reviewed and upgraded our online learning materials
    • Significantly invested into improving Library resources and systems
    • Increased early access to assessment information
    • Established Arden’s Student Association to enhance your student community

With feedback from things like the NSS, we hope to continue to develop and grow our student experience and Arden community.

How are the NSS results used? 

As well as informing key strategic decisions within the university the results are also available on Discover Uni so that prospective students can make a better informed decision about the right university for them.

Students in Classroom

What questions will I be asked? 

The survey will be available to Arden students from Monday 30th January 2023 to Friday 28th April 2023, and the 27 core questions cover:

  • The teaching on my course
  • Learning opportunities
  • Assessment and feedback
  • Academic Support
  • Organisation and management
  • Learning resources
  • Learning community
  • Student voice

Amazing prizes up for grabs!

The NSS is a powerful resource for helping to enhance the student experience at Arden University.

Complete the survey before the 28th April 2023, and forward your completion email to and you will receive a £15 Amazon E-Voucher. You will also be entered into a prize draw for a Currys PC World E-Voucher. Please see our terms and conditions, found here

Prize Draw:

First Prize of £1,500 Currys PC World E-Voucher
Second Prize of £1,000 Currys PC World E-Voucher
Third Prize of £750 Currys PC World E-Voucher

What next?

If you meet the criteria and are included in the NSS cohort, Ipsos MORI will contact you by email and possibly by phone and SMS, asking you to complete the survey online. If you haven’t heard from Ipsos MORI and think you should be included in the NSS cohort, please let the Student Support Team know! 

Need More Information?

You can also visit the NSS website for more information and if you’re eligible, begin the survey!