Wednesday- 24th November 2021

10:00am (GMT)

School of Computing virtual graduation ceremony 2021

Welcome to your virtual graduation celebration. We are delighted to welcome you and your supporters, wherever you may be, to join us on this very special day and hope to make it one that you will never forget!

Please enjoy every moment and use this time to reflect on everything you have achieved.

Class of 2021- Congratulations!!



Please share how you are celebrating today by sending us a picture and don’t forget to use hashtag #ArdenClassOf2021 when sharing your posts!

We also have our very own Instagram graduation filter for the class of 2021! 

How can I use it?
Through Instagram:

  1. Head onto Arden University's Instagram page - @arden_university
  2. Tap on the three stars under ‘Arden University’s highlights’ 
  3. Click on the filter and tap 'try it'

It's as easy as that!

Through our QR code:
Scan the QR code on your smart phone, and we'll take you straight to the filter!

graduation social science QR code


We can't wait to see your photos!

Don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram, @Arden_University – using the hashtag #ArdenClassOf2021 so that we can be part of your celebrations!

Staying in touch after graduation

Did you know that we have our own Arden Alumni online community? 

This is a place where you can keep up to date with all things Arden as we share good news stories and updates, invite you to attend exclusive events and give you a social space to meet and interact with other members of the Arden Alumni community.

Join us now:

Many congratulations, as graduates in Computing you will be helping to shape the workplace of the future and how we communicate and collaborate with each other. Remember, learning doesn’t stop when you leave. You should continue to ask questions and seek answers, building on the skills you have developed whilst at university. As a graduate, strive to create solutions to problems that others couldn’t solve and be the role model for others to follow.


Mohammed Rehman
Head of School

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