Apr 06 2022



Meet Sandor, an Arden University business student, twitch streamer, Data Scientist, and future entrepreneur. Sandor is another of the brilliant students featuring in our ongoing Born for This campaign, and, since moving to the UK from Hungary 10 years ago, has shown a real aptitude for leadership.

Whether it's in taking the lead in his job or in showcasing his gaming skills to his twitch.tv followers, Sandor has shown he was born to build a sense of community. Couple that with the business skills and acumen he's picking up and he's going to go far. Read more below about Sandor's time with Arden, his motivations, and his life outside studying.


Hi Sandor, what are you studying? 

I'm Studying Business, which means I'm learning about project management, managing, diversity and inclusion across cultures, business planning, business startups and entrepreneurship. I’m in my second year right now and I think the most interesting part so far was the entrepreneurship because it gives you an insight into how to set up your own company, as well as how to use the knowledge you learned previously towards creating something new.

Is that entrepreneurship something you want to pursue in the future then?

Yeah, I'm thinking about launching an online company in time, but obviously I have to learn a bit more about business first to set up everything. 

What kind of business do you want to run?

So, if everything goes as planned, I would like to open a company dealing with video management, content management, media, and marketing.

Alongside studying, what do you do? 

I’m currently working full time as a data scientist. I’ve been there for two years and it involves working with data, creating information, working with the information to create business plans and make decisions.

Alongside this, I have a Twitch.tv channel where I do online streaming and content creation as well. I mostly stream League of Legends, but I'm a variety streamer. So, I play Apex legends and a couple more too. 

What have you most enjoyed about studying with Arden? 

I think the best thing is the flexibility. It’s great I can be flexible, but also every time I need help there is someone to provide it. I can always reach out to the students support and the tutors, and teachers are really supportive as well. 

Have you found studying with Arden has changed your outlook at all?

I’ve managed to implement a lot of the knowledge I gained from my course into my current work. I’ve learned how to how to appreciate different backgrounds, how to understand different approaches, and how to deal with a diverse group of people to achieve the same goal and have the same dream.

How do you balance studying with your work and your busy life?

I work four-days-a-week currently, but the other three days I try to spend studying. And on one of the four days when I'm working, I try to study then as well. Since I'm studying online, it’s really flexible though.


How do you manage your time?

I try to keep a notebook for myself. So, every single course I do, every single task I have to do etc. Then I prioritise them, try to understand what's really urgent and what can be postponed. 

What was your childhood like?

I'm from South Hungary, originally, from a town called Gyula. My dad worked for the police and my mom used to have her own company which sort of inspired me to try to take my life into my own hands and work out a plan for the future. I want to eventually get to a point where I have my own company. 

When I moved here 10 years ago, I didn't really have the opportunities to improve myself because I lacked English skills. It took time to learn English and eventually get to the point of building a career. However, I felt like I still had barriers in my knowledge and I would like to improve the way I approach things, how I solve problems etc. So, I decided I really need a degree.

What do you think you were born to do?  

I believe I was born to create and lead. It was always my strength to inspire others, to lead the team, and take charge on things. 

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? 

Start studying earlier. The things I learned at school didn't really prepare me for what I needed when I’d grown up, for how I can succeed in life. I didn't have the knowledge and I assumed that naturally you just find the job and you will be successful at it. But you have to work for it.

What led you to join Arden? 

My sister studied business with Arden as well and is graduating now. Seeing how flexible the approach is, and how well things can be managed, it really convinced me that even me with a full-time job I could still benefit from studying.

Obviously, you live a very busy life. What keeps you motivated?

I believe in continuous improvement. The standards I set for myself are really high and I'm always striving to be better than where I was five-years-ago. 

What would your advice be for anyone else considering studying with Arden?

I’d tell everyone don't be defensive and don't have second thoughts. It's really straightforward, you get a lot of help, and you will achieve all of your goals.

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