As part of our Summer 2023 graduation ceremonies, we caught up with a number of our incredible students. 

Hearing all about their experience studying with Arden University, as well as what may come next for them, we spoke to graduates like Hanoch. 

Hanoch, studied an MBA as part of Arden’s Student Route programme, an initiative which saw the university’s first cohort of international learners arrive to study at our London-based Tower Hill centre. 

Hi Hanoch, how was your time with Arden University?

Studying with Arden University has been absolutely fantastic. There were ups and downs, but the staff were incredible and helped me a lot. The materials that were available were really good and helped me improve my career as well as my in-depth knowledge of my specialised subject. The training they gave me has really helped me a lot to find and explore new job opportunities. 

What have you learned about on your course?

I really enjoyed the module which was specifically focussed on social media marketing. We also learned about strategy, content strategy, and leading people. My dissertation was based on artificial intelligence and consumer engagement in the fashion industry - specifically in the UK. That was really amazing to put all that together.

What kind of skills do you think you've improved?

My communication skills have been improved, especially when it comes to networking and using LinkedIn skills. 

You’ve said that because of the course you’re now finding new job opportunities, have you found that improving your communication is helping with interviews?

Because of the course the way we actually behave ourselves and present ourselves is now completely different. There are a couple of great things that I've learned about, especially for when we move between different geographies. Arden really trained us how to approach that kind of situation and what to do when we're nervous going to a new location. So, that really helped me a lot.

How did you come across the student route programme?

I'd been looking for new opportunities like this for a while now. I was working as a marketing manager before, for a realty firm, but I wanted to move my career and education from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, and I felt that I need to push. 

So, I started looking at different places – the modules, the strength of the courses, and the future value of studying. A lot of places that I looked at didn't offer specific modules to do with social media marketing. I looked at some universities in Australia and Canada, but the lifestyle is very different from the UK, which is a very multicultural and diverse place.

But with Arden, the location, the accessibility, the lifestyle, the cost of living, the course… Everything was on point. So there was no better choice than Arden.

How have you found London? 

I’ve been here for a year now, and I've been travelling internationally so there wasn't actually a culture shock when I arrived. I’m very good at adapting to new situations, but it still was very overwhelming, but in a nice way. It was very refreshing to see new people, to explore new markets, and to learn something new. 

I’ve already found lots of connections here, especially after Arden taught me to build my connections. 

What have the other students on the programme been like? 

They are my very close friends now and I'm going to miss them. The relationship I’ve built with them is very extraordinary, we’re like brothers and sisters now. At the same time, it’s been absolutely professional – their knowledge has helped me a lot and I was able to share my knowledge with them as well. 

So, you're all here today at graduation, celebrating with each other. How does that feel?

It's amazing. I would say it has been very challenging. Where I was learning before, there was a big focus on examinations, but here we are very focused on submissions, researching on our own, and taking initiative.

At first, it was very challenging to do, but it’s a really positive attitude towards learning. 
So now, after a year of learning about a new country, creating connections, and talking to new people, it's really amazing to be at the end of it. 

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