How a foundation year is helping me return to studying


Rashedul is a Foundation Year student studying in Birmingham with Arden University. We caught up with him at the launch of our new study centre at Lock 14 to hear about his journey with us, what he wants to do with his degree, how he combines his studies with looking after his young son, and what keeps him motivated coming back after some time away from studying. 

Hi Rashedul, what are you studying?

I'm studying Healthcare Management with Foundation Year.

Healthcare Management is a three-year course and with the Foundation Year it makes it four. I started last September, and I've just finished three modules on the foundation year now. It's interesting, after a few years gap to come back to studying. 

What were you doing before you joined Arden? 

I was working in healthcare as a sub-care support worker. Then I had my first child and took a career break. I chose to study healthcare management because I wanted to develop a career there. I found this course at Arden University which is quite interesting, because you can go to class to learn, but with the blended course I can study at home on my own time too.

Where are you currently studying from? 

I go into the Birmingham city centre, which is really good. I can manage my own time, my kids, and my study and keep everything in balance.

What led you to choose Arden?

One of my friends suggested it. He's studying the same subject, but in London at Holborn. We went through the Refer a Friend scheme. 

After you finish your degree, what is it you want to do?

I want to go to back into healthcare. I got to know one of the past students at Arden who after finishing this course got a job as a Practice Manager at a GPs. Or maybe I if I can manage finances I can go into the business side of it which is booming in the UK. 

What have you enjoyed most learned about so far and your course? 

The best part of the foundation year so far has been the academic skills. The way the module is structured and designed is really helpful for a new student, especially one who has had a few years break like me. They help you to know what you need to do to study, how to research, how to write assignments, how to work with academic journals articles, and things like that.

What is it you think that Arden University offers that perhaps other universities don't?

It's the blended learning, which creates quite an interesting culture. Most other universities, don't do this. They make you do three or four days of class, and it's very class oriented, but this blended learning is quite interesting.

How do you balance like your family life with your studying? 

I have one child. He's nearly two years old. So when I have to go into the morning classes on a Wednesday and Thursday my son goes to a day-care centre. So I go study before I pick up my son, and then, when he goes to bed I get a couple of at night to study. So that's how I can manage my studying. It doesn’t feel tiring though. I couldn't finish my studies when I was supposed to due to some personal issues, but now I want to take this opportunity from Arden. Sometimes I might need to give myself a bit of push, but my son keeps me motivated.

What do you want to achieve in the next few years, besides boosting your career? 

The way this course is designed means that after graduation I can do the Masters free of charge yeah. Then if I can finish the Masters, as well as working in this NHS or healthcare, I can go into teaching (because I quite like this subject) And then, if I can develop myself, I could go even further, maybe do a PhD, or some other things within the healthcare sector.

Other than improving your study skills how do you feel the Foundation Year has helped you? 

I feel more motivated. Let me tell you a story. I used to smoke, but in 2016 I set myself a challenge. If I can stop smoking, I can use that motivation to set myself some goals and targets, and I’ve done that ever since. Once I starts something, I feel like I'm going to have to finish it.

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