6 Reasons to Work in Healthcare

A career that gives you the chance to make a real difference to people's lives while giving your bank account a healthy boost. Is healthcare right for you?

Why is healthcare a good career choice?

Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Management and guidance in the health and social care sector is progressively significant worldwide, especially with The World Health Organization emphasising the requirement for managers to have suitable competencies (WHO, 2007) and the NHS endorsing specific values and principles of care (Department of Health, 2010). 

Advancements in digital technology are already affecting healthcare and opening new doors for tech-savvy students, with a career that gives you the chance to make a real difference to people's lives while giving your bank account a healthy boost. 

Ready to discover the top 6 reasons why healthcare management might just be the right choice for you? 

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1. It's a healthy industry

More than 2.2 million people work in the UK healthcare industry, which makes the health sector a fantastic place for graduates to embark on a successful and fulfilling management career.It’s also one of the fastest growing industries, and according to a WHO report, the world will be short of 12.9 million healthcare workers by 2035. But what does it mean fo you? More opportunities and a greater earning potential, of course! 

2. It comes with many benefits

Many people are drawn to the healthcare industry because of the generous employee benefits. Healthcare workers typically receive better healthcare benefits than workers in the other industries, and they enjoy a high level of job security as well.

3. It will make you smile

Apart from being listed in the Top Salaries list in 2016, healthcare professionals also describe their work as ‘meaningful’ and ‘contributing to the society’. Is there anything more rewarding than knowing that your work makes the world a better place?

4. It opens many different doors

Studying healthcare management at university would qualify you for a range of managerial roles within the industry.You would be leading and motivating others, implementing innovative programmes and overseeing policy to improve the delivery of care at local hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing homes and other healthcare organisations.

5. It's always in demand

Healthcare providers are always looking for experts to improve existing processes and help health professionals deliver better, faster care. Healthcare managers are the backbone of the healthcare system, so your innovation and expertise will be well sought after!

6. It could take you anywhere

As one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world, the healthcare sector is one of the largest employers in most countries. New medical facilities, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, and doctors’ offices, have made finding employment in different parts of the country or even world easier than ever. 

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