Subject Spotlight: Healthcare Management

Find out what a career in healthcare management involves and how you can take steps towards achieving a related role.

A career in healthcare is often described as a calling and, although becoming a doctor or nurse might not appeal to everyone, these are far from the only roles in the sector.

Our Subject Spotlight shines a light on a career in healthcare management - an area you may or may not have already considered if you find the healthcare sector appealing.

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Why study healthcare management?

If you’re hoping to achieve a managerial role in health services, studying a degree in healthcare management can prove to be a useful step toward achieving your aspirations, especially if you’re already working in the sector and hoping to take your career to the next level.

The healthcare sector is absolutely vital to so many people across the UK and around the world, and many health services are frequently on the lookout for people to fill roles in difficult periods when trained staff members can be hard to come by.

Admittedly, if you’re aspiring to take on a more traditional role within the healthcare sector - a surgeon, GP or nurse, for example - this degree wouldn’t be right for you.

A healthcare management degree will equip you with the knowledge and skillset for more ‘behind-the-scenes’ roles; from financial control and budgeting, through to quality control, communication and team leadership, the programme will prepare you for success as a highly efficient and effective healthcare manager.

Meet Vidah, our healthcare management student. Find out how studying her degree with Arden has helped her career so far.

Is healthcare management right for me?

If the healthcare sector appeals to you and you’re more interested in the operational side of things, healthcare management should definitely be one of the career paths you consider.

All services need strong leadership and an effective management structure, and those offering healthcare services are certainly no different. If you’re highly organised, confident with figures, capable of leading a team and passionate about the healthcare sector, then you could be ideal for a management role with any number of healthcare service providers.

Is it a good career path to choose?

If it’s a career you’re keen to dedicate yourself to, absolutely! There’s no denying that a career in healthcare is hard work; you have to be willing to put in the time, including overtime where necessary.

Nevertheless, a career in healthcare management can be incredibly rewarding, regardless of whether you end up working for the NHS or choose to work in private healthcare settings. Your responsibilities may feel daunting at times, but your hard work can help provide care to thousands of people in need.

As far as career progression goes, those with some years of experience can apply to become a member of the Institute of Healthcare Management, which may offer you a range of career development opportunities.

Some of the roles you could work towards with a healthcare management degree include:

- Practice manager

- Ward manager

- Quality manager

- Community care manager

What type of qualification will I get?

You can study a BA in Healthcare Management, which will give you all the necessary knowledge and skills to start you off on the career ladder. There’s also a wide variety of postgraduate healthcare management degrees for those wishing to specialise further.

Do I have to go to university full-time?

Not if you don’t want to. Here at Arden, we offer the BA Healthcare Management in distance and blended learning formats.

Opt for blended, and you’ll attend classes at one of our UK study centres just two days a week, leaving the rest of your time free to study online at home, gain work experience or continue a role you already have.

Choose distance learning and you will complete all your studies online, giving you time to fit your qualification around any existing commitments.

How long will it take?

Undergraduate degrees typically take three years to complete but can take up to six if you choose to study part-time.

What entry requirements are there?

To study Arden’s BA Healthcare Management, you should have at least two A Levels or equivalent, plus three GCSEs at grade C or above or equivalent.

We also consider applications based on work experience, should you happen not to have the required qualifications. Visit the course page for more information.

What salary can I expect?

According to the National Careers Service, the starting salary for a practice manager lies between £22,500 and £26,500. Those with several years’ experience can expect to earn anything up to £48,500, while those with extensive experience could earn up to £100,500.

What if I’ve never studied or worked in healthcare before?

If you’re choosing to study healthcare management at undergraduate level, you don’t need to have any previous experience ad prior knowledge of the sector. Instead, see the degree as your first step towards the career you want.

People with sector experience are also welcome to study a degree, should they wish to progress further in their career.