Aug 12 2021

How I combine studying with being a travel influencer

Speaking to Arden University’s new podcast, Margo Midwinter, a distance learning student completing their degree in Manilla, in the Philippines, told us about how she combines studying with a lifestyle that includes a lot of travel.  

Margo is currently studying a BA in Business. However, she combines her degree with earning a living as an influencer – showcasing her life, and picturesque shots from around the world, on her popular Instagram account, which has built up a large following.  

“Right now I'm in Manilla. I initially wanted to go home to study, but then with lockdowns and the pandemic, I decided it's best for me to stay here. I came across Arden University and I said, this is it! I can actually get an education that I want because all my qualifications would be from the UK. I'm in Manilla because I started modelling at a young age here in Asia and then eventually, I just ended up staying. And I have two dogs, if I move back, I have to ship them with me.” 

Over the last decade, social media has grown rapidly in importance, creating new spaces and opportunities for influencers to arise. To post and create content on their own terms, and to work together with brands. Social media influencers are users with large followings on major social networks.  

Margo’s feed, specifically, comes across as reminiscent of a series of picture-perfect holiday postcards. In order to maintain her social media presence, and also fit higher education into this lifestyle, flexibility is key.  

“I really like the fact that I could study anywhere, even when the time zones are so different. I'm not always present in the class if it turns out it's like three a.m. my time, but I always follow up because they do the recordings and they upload it for me on the iLearn platform. I do actually think I'm learning more than if I was physically attending a university.” 

Margo Midwinter
Margo Midwinter

“I even managed to go to the States and I was still studying and I submitted when I was in Miami. That's how flexible studying was. Even though I enrolled in the Philippines, I submitted my exam in Miami.” 

However, despite Margo’s success on Instagram, and the opportunities for endorsements, since the pandemic she’s actually been trying to post less, as well as making sure she’s 100% behind everything she promotes.  

“If I don't believe in the product, I will not say yes to posting it. And I always say I have to try the product first. I'm trying to be more true to myself and my followers. I work with a lot of clients and in influencing posts, so it's been beneficial for me, it's a great it's a great platform, Instagram. Yeah, but I think I just want to be more authentic. So, I've also cut down on posting.” 

You can follow Margo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at the handle @MargoMidwinter, and, to hear more, you can listen to the Arden University Podcast at all the major podcast platforms.  

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