2020: The Year You Fall Back in Love with Your Career?

Our Director of Corporate Partnerships, Stacey Allen, offers some top tips on falling back in love with your job when things are getting on top of you.

Group of work colleagues smiling in a meeting

When we spend so much time at work, it’s important to love what we do – and that’s not always easy! Like any relationship, the one we have with our career sometimes needs some care and attention.

If you’ve been feeling unhappy at work, it’s important to pinpoint the reasons why. The likelihood is that you loved your job once upon a time and recognising why that isn’t the case anymore (and addressing it) can prove key to getting that spark back. Perhaps you feel undervalued or struggling with stress, or maybe you’re bored and want a new challenge.

Our Director of Corporate Partnerships, Stacey Allen, recognises that feeling undervalued at work can be a challenging head space. However, making a change doesn’t have to mean leaving your role. Here are her top tips for rekindling your passion for work.

Have an honest conversation

Feeling undervalued? It might seem daunting, but try having an open conversation with your manager. It may be that they aren’t aware of how you feel and speaking honestly could lead to some immediate changes being made.

Ask about progression opportunities or the potential for funding support for new qualification or an apprenticeship – make your job work for you and upskill yourself while you’re there. Having clear objectives and activities to complete may also provide a renewed sense of purpose and direction and could be a quick win.

Seek help

Stress can be difficult to deal with. Try to find the source and address it straight away. Your employer may consider flexible working or allow you some time to work from home. If there’s one available, engage with your employee assistance programme, or even consider a visit to your GP.

Some counselling could help if your stress feels overwhelming and you might learn strategies to help change your thinking and increase your ability to cope.

Take some time to be mindful

Try recognising the smaller positives and focusing on your breathing, and try to get some fresh air every day. Keep an eye on your diet as well and try your best to get a decent amount of sleep. Planning things to look forward to is another thing which can help you feel more motivated.

Think carefully about what your new challenge could be

If you feel you’re ready for the next step but there isn’t any room to accommodate this, is there a different role or project you could take on instead? If a lack of qualifications is preventing you from getting where you want to be, explore the opportunity to learn while you earn. A Distance Learning degree or part-time Master's degree would mean you don’t have to quit your job but can still be actively working towards the next step up the career ladder.

Build your own personal brand

Read for personal development, seek out podcasts and say yes to any training opportunities that you are offered – invest in your own progress! Try to find networking opportunities, whether face-to-face or online. Look for volunteering opportunities or the chance to shadow someone and build experience in the role you want to be in.

Be the change you want to see

Why not think about how you can begin to change the culture of your team or organisation? Try sending a thank you note or email, whether someone has helped you personally or just because you want to make them feel valued. Try and smile more and be interested in others – the little things can sometimes have the biggest effect.

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