5 Top Tips on How to Transition From Study to Work

We reveal our top 5 tips for those who are about to make the leap from 'student' to 'employee'. Although many Arden University students balance work with their education, the shift to full-time employee can be tough to handle if you're not properly prepared...


Everyone wants to enter the office like this...

Rather than this...

But if you need a few pointers, here are 5 top tips on how to enter the workplace like a boss:

1. Stop thinking like a student 

When you’re a student, you’re kind of only letting yourself down if you don’t try, it all gets a bit more serious in the workplace.

So, step one is to switch off that student mindset – the world of work is different. If you don’t give your all, you’re not the only person you’re letting down, so be enthusiastic and proactive. 

2. Budget like a boss

When you’re earning every penny, you’ll really learn how important it is to be sensible with your money. Prep your lunches etc. the night before to save some money and time during your lunch breaks. 

The less time you spend 'popping out', the more time you have to get to know your colleagues and enjoy your break. 

3. Sleep

When you're part of the 9-5 crew, you'll realise it's much harder to have erratic student sleep patterns. That regular 8 hours will help you survive meetings, difficult shifts, or cranky customers. 

So, our advice to you is:

  1. Set an alarm tone you can live with, but will still wake you up (it's the first think you hear in the morning, at the very least, you deserve to not hate it!)
  2. Give yourself a bed time you can live with. There's no point in fearing slipping into an adult routine - it's going to happen - and if you stick to it, you'll feel better in the long-run!
  3. Stay away from your phone before bed time. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, stop, now! Buy an alarm clock and charge your phone downstairs or in another room. You can find more sleep tips on the Mental Health Foundation's website.

4. Have your own back

In the adult world of work, get ready to ask for what you think you deserve. If you feel you deserve a pay rise, or some training, be ready to go to your boss with the reasons why you deserve this. You’ll find all good bosses are willing to listen, even if they can’t sort anything right away.

Gather evidence to support your request - save that email you were sent thanking you for going 'above and beyond', log the extra things you've taken on as part of your role, and present this to your boss when you make your request. 

5. Think twice

This particularly applies to your use of social media! 

Once you've accepted that offer and started your new job role, you have to be more careful about what you share online and clean up what you already have.

If you're struggling to secure a job, you should look at your online presence and check what comes up, because you can pretty much guarantee that an employer is looking you up!

It doesn't mean you can't have fun, or be your perfect silly self online. You just need to make sure that your profiles are set to private and that you don't do anything unprofessional online, which could be detrimental to your reputation, or that of your employer.

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