Arden involved with international Meta research project

Arden University is set to be involved in a highly competitive research project in collaboration with Bodyswaps and Meta (formerly known as the Facebook company). 

The research project is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at enhancing soft skills and transforming the way business and healthcare students acquire knowledge by utilising the potential of virtual reality (VR) to improve their educational experience.

Alongside some of the world’s leading universities, including PennWest University, Duke University, Yale University, Ohio State University, Imperial College London and others, Arden University, in conjunction with the Arden University Centre for Applied Science, will deliver our part of this project over six months.

As part of this endeavour, we are fortunate to have acquired two 'Meta Quest 2' headsets, which are designated for our continued use, in addition to a six-month complimentary access to Bodyswaps VR learning modules, complete with onboarding and support.

Dr Serkan Ceylan, the lead Arden researcher for this project and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Business, who was influential in securing Arden's involvement with the project, said: 

'Arden University is now part of the pioneers of innovative and immersive education -this is what Matthew Sanders - Education and VR Director at Meta called the universities involved during the kick-off meeting.'

'We have digital-first education in our DNA, and we are delighted to get the opportunity to use that experience to contribute to a research network containing some of the world’s leading universities.'

'I’m very proud that Arden will be part of this group of pioneers looking at new ways to innovate within immersive education.'

Arden’s involvement now means it is part of an international research network comprising leading institutions across the world.