May 16 2022

Activities for Action for Brain Injury Week


In conjunction with Action for Brain Injury Week 2022, Arden University’s Faculty of Social Sciences will be providing students with a week of activity featuring a range of speakers. 

Action for Brain Injury Week this year (16th to 22nd May) will focus on what can be for many brain injury survivors, a hidden disability. The theme of this year’s campaign is See the hidden me, which will look to raise awareness and understanding of the often-misunderstood symptoms of a brain injury, and work to alleviate the challenges and frustrations survivors face.

Across the week, a number of webinar sessions will occur with fascinating guest speakers, focussing on topics including Clinical Perspectives, Families and Wider Effects, Concussion, Services, and Childhood ABI. 

The timetable for the events is above, or for more information on the sessions, or to sign up, students can click here