May 11 2022

Arden faculty featured in leading psychology magazine

Experts from Arden University’s Faculty of Social Sciences have been featured in leading magazine The Psychologist. 

Writing in an article, available to read here, the team explore the importance of embracing neurodiversity in Higher Education.

The team, led by Finola Farrant, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and featuring Psychology lecturer Emma Owen and students Fawn Lavina Hunkins-Beckford and Marta Jaksa explored how higher education institutions can truly ensure they are being inclusive and accepting of neurodiverse individuals working and learning in higher education institutions.

In the piece they argue that: “The changing face of higher education in terms of increased participation and the hybrid teaching model opens up significant opportunities for inclusion.

“The current landscape shows a growing recognition of the significance of cultivating an inclusive culture in which neurodivergence is better understood and celebrated.”

To read the piece in full, head over to the Psychologist here.

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