Activities for Brain Awareness Week 2023

Arden University’s School of Psychology is running a host of activities this week in support of Brain Awareness Week.

Running across the 13-19th March, BAW is led by the Dana Foundation and is a global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science.

Arden University has celebrated this year's brain awareness week with three initiatives – An Art Competition, A podcast, and an infographic.

  • Arden's Brain Awareness Week Art Competition

Students and staff have been encouraged to submit art in line with the theme ‘Communication, Emotion, and my Brain’. With this year’s BAW running at the same time as neurodiversity celebration week, this theme also allows for the celebration of neurodiversity while raising awareness of brain science.

The best of the work has been shared in a virtual poster hall and several students have won prizes for their submissions.

‘Most Creative Interpretation of the Theme’ - Shaheda Khandokar

‘Best Scientific Representation of the Theme’ - Laura Barbo

‘Most Aesthetic Appeal’ - Klaudia Magdalena Karczewska

Take a look at the virtual gallery here

  • Podcast

There has also been a podcast created, led by students, which considers how brain science is approached differently in different cultures. This podcast was created by the Arden University Student Committee and is called ‘Brain Development & Education: A Latin-American Perspective’. It includes special guests of Marcus Vinicius C. Alves, Roberta Ekuni, Maria Julia Hermida, Juan Valle-Lisboa. 

  • Infographic

Finally, an infographic has been produced by students on The Neuroscience of Love. 

Neueroscience of Love infographic

For more information on Brain Awareness Week, visit here