Dec 20 2021

Arden enhances green credentials

At Arden, we’re passionate about looking after our planet and doing our bit to ensure we protect it so that it can be enjoyed by future generations, too. 

As part of this, we’ve been proactively looking at our university’s emissions and examining how we can continue to reduce our environmental impact on our world.  

And in December, the first phase of this work saw us secure Net Zero accreditation by offsetting our annual carbon emissions through global projects, getting us to step one on our journey to becoming a greener university. 

Initially, this first step will see us offset our emissions through two global community projects in India. Throughout 2022 and beyond we will then examine how we can alter practices across the university to meet our goal of minimising our carbon footprint and becoming a Net Zero university through actions. 

It will include a regular reassessment of our university’s carbon footprint to ensure we are continuing to meet our commitments to our planet.  

Our bid to minimise our carbon footprint is in line with the Paris Agreement, which was signed by world leaders in 2015 and aims to substantially reduce carbon emissions by 2030.