New Equality Scholarship Launches

Arden University has announced a new Equality Scholarship which will aim to celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion across the university, and support its students in achieving the success they deserve in their lives and careers.

Under the scholarship, five Arden students who have had to overcome barriers just because of who they are will be chosen to receive full scholarships for the remainder of their studies. Recipients will be selected by a panel of Arden employees who have been working across their personal and professional lives to make inequality history.

Recipients might have faced barriers due to factors such as their ethnic or socioeconomic background, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, neurodiversity, religion, or age – however this is not limited and applicants from any background will be eligible to put themselves forward for the scholarship.

Students who would like to apply should send an essay or three-minute video explaining the barriers they have faced and how they have overcome inequality in their life.

Professor Dilshad Sheikh, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Business, said: “This is not just a scholarship. It’s a recognition of the barriers people have faced and a celebration of how they have overcome them. It’s showcasing our commitment to bringing people together and making inequality history.

“At Arden University, we believe that everyone’s story should be heard. We want our students to break through glass ceilings, prevent them facing discrimination of any kind, or facing additional challenges just because of who they are.

“This scholarship is designed to do that – we hope it will help to level the playing field and give students who have had to overcome significant barriers throughout their lives, education and careers a helping hand. We want to ensure that no matter where our students come from, we are giving them all the support they need to ensure they go on to achieve everything they aspire to in their professional lives.”

Meet the panel

The Equality Scholarship panel is made up of a diverse group of Arden colleagues who are committed to making inequality history. Between them, they have years of experience working in equality, diversity and inclusion as well as personal stories which have made them passionate about ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Headed up by Rob Barnsley (above), our university’s ED&I and Talent Partner, the panel also includes Kavita Cassidy, Kate Lister, David Weerasinghe and Alice Chapman.

How to apply

Send your submission to:

Please note that your submission must state your name, Arden STU number, and confirmation of whether you have obtained 40 credits from your programme so far.

Your submission must also be sent using your Arden University student email address only. Please upload your video via a OneDrive link connected to your Arden email address.

Find out more

We’ll be hosting a session with our inclusion team on Wednesday 19th October where there will be a chance to ask questions and find out a little bit more about eligibility for the scholarship.

As part of this session, we'll be talking through the entry requirements and application process. We will also be joined by members of the Inclusion team to talk through the fantastic resources and support that they have to offer to our Arden students.

Book your place here.

Full T&Cs can be found here

FAQ’s / Top Tips 

How will the submissions be judged? 

The Arden Equality Scholarship Entries will be measured against Arden's SPARK Values when making our award decisions. Using the Values follows the rule of 5 that flows through the campaign 

The values that the Panel will be looking at are: 

  • Stand Out
    This is around you making a stand whilst also acknowledging that you stand out due to your difference
  • Progressive
    The submission will demonstrate that you have used your experiences to take things forward, and that you are forward thinking. 
  • Accessible
    This will be demonstrated in the story-telling in your application. Is the language and communication method selected accessible to all?
  • Resourcefulness
    You will score well here by answering the brief – What have you achieved/overcome?
  • Kindness
    Do you demonstrate an acknowledgement of other characteristics other than your own, do you show compassion and empathy?

How much detail should i provide in my entry? 

As part of your entry, please provide as much info as you are comfortable with.  As this scholarship has limited places, the more ways in which you can demonstrate the way you have tackled inequality, and that you meet the five values, the more likely you will be to be successful in your application. 

I’ve recently started, am I able to provide a submission? 

Anyone can apply, as long as they have achieved 40 credits before the closing date of 31st December 2022 

I have a stutter is this an eligible challenge to have overcome? 

You can apply if you have overcome marginalisation due to who you are or being different. This includes but is not limited to your sexual orientation, ethnic background, culture, age, neurodiversity, gender identity, disability, socio economic background, religion and hidden illnesses. 

Does this apply to any level of study? 


Will I be reimbursed for any fees that I have already paid? 

No, the scholarship will only pay for future fees not yet paid.