An introduction to Arden's Inclusion services

Inclusion Portal

In order to ensure our students feel supported in as many ways as possible, Arden University has a range of different Inclusion services available throughout students time with us. 

As part of our exploration of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, we've put together this handy introduction which details just some of the services we offer, and how students can make use of them. 

The Inclusion Portal 

The inclusion portal is the first port-of-call for students and is a destination which has been built in order to help students get access to support without the need for having to ask for it. 

Broken into sections, there is access to mental health, disability, and financial support. 

For Mental Health Support in a crisis, the portal provides guidance and information about how to get access to local mental health team, external resources and support. 

There is also a section which outlines the support available from Arden University, which aims to be really transparent about what students can expect from our support services.

What Mental Health support is available?

Arden University students have access to student champions – individuals acting as a first-port-of-call with expertise suited to directing an individual towards the appropriate resources for their situation.

Usually based within study centres, there is also provision to cover distance learners. 

Then there are Success Coaches – who work with students to help students reach academic progression. This could be helping with stress or just helping with general coaching techniques to help students pass through their milestones. 

Meanwhile our Academic Skills Team offer courses, articles, and events to help students thrive in an academic environment and help boost their confidence

And finally, our Inclusion Team are on hand when a student’s case means they require support which exceeds the other departments, they may be referred to the Inclusion Team.

Inclusion is able to support in three key ways 

1) Signposting: helping direct towards relevant resources

2) Session based support: over the course of 1-5 sessions the inclusion advisor will help students uncover their specific barriers to study, and work with them to develop a plan to help them move forward 

3) There is also access through Arden to an external, independent, counselling programme called Problem Shared (who provide services including CBT, DBT, and EMDR) 

What Disability Support is Available?

Support usually comes under an umbrella term called Reasonable Adjustments, specific types of support for students with a disclosed disability or mental health condition which enable you to engage further with your studies.

These can include: 

  • Extra time in exams or timed assessments
  • Short Term Extensions (up to 7 days) on coursework
  • Presentation support (if you struggle with speaking/ reading aloud in front of peers you may be able to get extra time to deliver the presentation/ explore a different method of delivery including 1-1 delivery/ a recorded version.
  • Referrals for further 1-1 support 

How can I receive these reasonable adjustments?

An initial email/ chat/ teams call with the inclusion team is the best port-of-call. They will ask for any current evidence the student have, but don’t worry if you don’t have it – our advisors will still help advise you on how to obtain it/ work with you to get the appropriate support. They’ll then liaise with relevant departments to facilitate the adjustments.


UK Students may be eligible for funding DSA 
If students think they may have learning difference, such as dyslexia dyspraxia dyscalulia or ADHD please contact our inclusion team who can help with funding your screening to obtain the evidence to get DSA. Diagnostic assessments are open to all students and would be funded by Arden. 


For whatever reason, life sometimes gets in the way - especially when it comes to studying.

Mitigating circumstances are genuine circumstances beyond your control which impair your assessed work where a 7 day extension would not be suitable.

Applying for mitigation often involves providing relevant evidence to support your circumstances, however this process is something Inclusion are happy to support you through.

Students can find information on how to apply for mitigating circumstances by going onto iLearn > my resources > a-z key information > mitigating circumstances DL/BL 

Financial Support 

Students at Arden also have access to Blackbullion – a financial resource which can help provide advice and articles relating to a range of topics to help with better financial management. 

Through Blackbullion, however, students can also apply for Arden's recently launched Hardship Fund - designed to help students in financial hardship through the current cost of living crisis. Cases are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and the fund can be used to help with digital aspects like laptops, broadband bills, etc, as well as energy bills.