Arden Lecturer Goes Global with Handwashing Song in Wake of Covid-19

Arden University Academic Adriana Soni

An Arden University lecturer is helping children across the world learn the best way to wash their hands and prevent Covid-19 and other diseases.

Last month, in an international collaboration between academics, Dr Adriana Soni was asked to translate the words of a handwashing song into Spanish for a video for children. 

The video was originally created last year by two Canadian doctors but an international effort was mounted to create new, different language versions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mexican-born Dr Soni, who now lives in Bristol, is a distance learning module leader in behavioural neuroscience and brain behaviour in Arden’s Psychology School and was asked to write the Spanish words for the song to the popular international tune Frère Jacques.
“I was so delighted to be asked to be part of this international initiative as it’s such a great, socially relevant message. I hope it helps!” said Adriana.
The hand washing technique video shows children – and adults - very clearly and simply how to properly wash their hands and features the six-step handwashing method recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The original demonstration video was originally created by Dr. Nisha Thampi, an infectious disease physician at a children's hospital in Ottawa, Canada. 
Thampi's 25-second video, was co-authored by her daughter and Dr. Yves Longtin, an infectious disease specialist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, and featured in the December issue of the British Medical Journal The BMJ. 

All the international versions of the songs have been released in this website.

The academics have also submitted a paper -which has been accepted- to the Journal of Hospital Infection: "It’s in our hands: A rapid, international initiative to translate a hand hygiene song during the COVID-19 pandemic" -Nisha Thampi, Yves Longtin, Alexandra Peters, Didier Pittet, Katie Overy.
Want to know how to really get your hands clean?

Here’s the SIX proven steps to handwashing, sung to the tune of Frère Jacques or Brother John!

•    Scrub your palms.
•    Between the fingers.
•    Wash the back, wash the back.
•    Twirl the tips around.
•    Scrub them upside down.
•    Thumb attack, thumb attack!