Arden partners with Executive Development Network (EDN)

Arden University is proud to partner with EDN, a new training division which aims to support business leaders and managers enhance business resilience through high-quality apprenticeships and vocational programmes.

What is EDN?

EDN is part of the award-winning organisation, HIT Training Ltd, which was established in 2006 and is also Arden’s corporate business partner. HIT has a proven track record in quality, people-led training across the hospitality, retail, adult care and early years sectors. 

How the partnership will work

The strategic partnership with Arden and EDN offers a development pathway to degree apprenticeships (Level 6 and 7). Key vocational skills will be taught through the training with the aim to help businesses grow their talent pool through quality training programmes.

Working together, Arden will help implement and deliver new pathways for aspiring business leaders. Both the university and EDN are devoted to developing vocational skills, and this partnership enforces both Arden’s and EDN’s commitment to helping employees reach their full potential.

Helping to empower teams 

The training will work in synergy with businesses to help empower teams and individuals by providing them with the guidance they need to become better managers, board members and leaders. 

Following the pandemic and the ambiguity many businesses faced due to COVID-19, many companies are now looking for renewed confidence and inspiration. As we enter the new phase of restrictions easing, Arden is committed to providing training which will play an essential role in helping businesses build resilience and confidence through uncertain times.  

Enhancing skills through vocational training 

Arden is incredibly passionate about enhancing business skills and is confident this training will empower aspiring workers. The full training suite is delivered via a three-tiered curriculum; Professional, Practitioner and Executive, suitable for entry level managers, seasoned leaders and board members – empowering them to perform at their very best.  

Caroline Evans, Director of Corporate Strategy at Arden University, says:

We are delighted to partner with EDN to deliver Level 6 and 7 learning pathways for current and aspiring leaders in the workplace. At Arden University we believe in providing education that’s vocationally focused and is based upon a foundation of academic excellence, with an understanding of the latest developments in practice and future trends. We believe this, coupled with EDN’s expertise in workplace training, will bring a wide range of options and will be of huge benefit to businesses looking to invest in and develop their employees.