Nov 23 2022

Professor Dilshad Sheikh wins CMI award

Dilshad Sheikh

Celebrating her continued efforts over the past year, Arden University's Professor Dilshad Sheikh, has won the prestigious Volunteer of the Year category at last night’s CMI Awards 2022. 

Recognising outstanding volunteering achievement, The Volunteer of the Year Award highlights our Dean of the Faculty of Business's impressive contribution to the Chartered Management Institution. 

Having been nominated by CMI Board and Volunteers across the different regions, the judges comment highlighted Dilshad's embracing of the CMI’s values, as well as her high levels of commitment, dedication, leadership and impact that have been delivered against CMI’s strategic objectives.

Dilshad Winning Award

Currently serving as regional Chair for the West Midlands & North West Regional Board, Professor Dilshad Sheikh CMBE CMgr CCMI, combines her work with CMI with her roles at Arden, where she is Dean of the Faculty of Business and was recently also made acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic). Dilshad has worked tirelessly across the past year in all her roles and this award is thoroughly deserved.
‘I’m absolutely delighted to have won the award and feel that the hard work of the WMNW regional board over the past 6 years that I have been chair, has duly been recognised and valued. This is not an individual win but a CMI WMNW regional board win,’ she said.