Jan 19 2022

Arden’s Vitaly Klopot quoted in new research

Vitaly Klopot, Chief Innovation and Commercial Officer at Arden University, was recently involved in research delivered by MoneyTransfers.com, examining data that has to come to light since the pandemic about international students and remote study.

Looking at whether the pandemic will mean more foreign students switch to online learning, as well as the economic and cultural impact this may bring about, the study delves into the reasoning behind international students switching to online learning, their level of satisfaction, as well as changes to the contributions international students will make to the UK economy. Interestingly, 79% of the polled students argued that e-learning was just as effective as campus life.

Vitaly explained that the pandemic has accompanied an already existing trend towards online learning that has come about as a result of technological advancements, increased digital literacy and a desire for increased flexibility.

“In many ways you can think of the switch to online learning like the development of Netflix and similar streaming services a few years ago. All of a sudden, it meant that people could access the shows they wanted to watch whenever they wanted,” Klopot said.

“While many students will, of course, be keen to head back to campus, we’re also likely to see a renewed clamour for flexible study options. Why should a student not be able to study a module when they’re more productive in an evening, while they’ve got some respite from childcare, or in between shifts at their day job?”

“Online learning is enabling a widening of access and participation – it’s creating an environment in which people who previously felt cut off from higher education can aspire to get a degree, and making courses more accessible for those who are unable to move to a new city or commute to a campus-based location. That can only be a good thing,”

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