Apr 26 2022

Festival of Careers launches for all students

As part of the newly launched Arden Achieve initiative, Arden University’s Festival of Careers will be taking place across the week. 

Running from Monday-Friday, the Festival comprises a series of webinar sessions, designed to help students with career development, enhancing CVs, and get individuals thinking about life after graduating Arden.

Running in conjunction with Arden Achieve’s enrichment initiative, these sessions are available to any student who would like to be in attendance. 

Caroline Tolond, Head of Careers and Employability at Arden University, said:
“We delighted to introduce The Festival of Careers, which we believe is a great opportunity for all students, whether they are thinking about careers for the first time, looking to develop in their current career, or seeking to change careers. 

“The sessions will provide invaluable insight and help students to focus on their career goals whether they are at the Discover stage, where they’re just starting to consider career options; the Focus stage, where they have a definite goal and want to know how to get there; or the Achieve stage, where they want to know how to apply for graduate level jobs and be able to articulate their skills, knowledge, experience and attributes to employers when applying for jobs and going for interviews. We hope as many students make use of this great resource as possible this week.” 

The sessions are listed below and will be accessible via zoom links. 

Gaining relevant experience
Monday 25th April 2022
12.00 BST

Networking for career planning & job search
Tuesday 26th April 2022
11.00 BST

Difference between graduate schemes & graduate jobs
Wednesday 27th April 2022
11.00 BST

Articulating your skills for CVs, applications & interviews
Thursday 28th April 2022
11.00 BST

Where are future graduate jobs?
Thursday 28th April 2022
12:30 BST

Job role v industry
Friday 29th April 2022
12:30 BST