Aug 18 2022

Introducing our Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Strategy 2022-2025

As part of Arden University’s commitment to helping students achieve success, we’re proud to unveil our Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Strategy for 2022-2025.

The strategy, covering a number of clear objectives, and paying specific attention to areas that drive what we do to help you achieve success on your programme, was devised by our Faculty of Teaching and Learning.

Helping us support students’ learning experiences, our Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Strategy asks three vital questions: 

  • What factors shape and inform our approach to the learning, teaching, and assessment aspects of our programmes? 
  • How does we approach the design of our programmes, our teaching practices, and your assessment?
  • How do we maintain quality and consistency across all of our degree courses? 

In order to answer these, we’ve outlined ten ‘Pedagogical Principles’.

Pedagogy principles

We believe these principles should be embedded in everything we do as a university. 

Below we have illustrated the thinking and meaning behind each principle, and concrete examples are provided to illustrate what we want these principles to look like in practice.

Pedagogy principles
Pedagogy principles
Pedagogy principles

Through the implementation of these principles we are confident of fulfilling our strategic objectives of ensuring high levels of student achievement, sustaining a relevant, flexible, and diverse academic portfolio, and enabling the continuous development of academic staff to support teaching excellence.