Arden celebrates World Kindness Day

Arden University students and colleagues share their top tips for kindness in light of World Kindness Day 2020.

World Kindness Day is a day that’s celebrated worldwide and observed each year on November 13th.

First launched in 1998, as part of the World Kindness Movement, its mission is to promote kindness across the globe.

We’ve been talking to our students and colleagues at Arden University, and asking them to share their definitions of kindness, as well as their own personal tips on being kind to yourself and others and we wanted to share these with you.

Thinking positive and being grateful

Positive thinking can make a real difference to your overall mindset and bring so many positive factors on your day-to-day life. It can help to relieve stress, as well as boosting your mood and wellbeing.


"I’ve started doing a daily check list, I have to write 5 positive things about today. This has made me look for happy things each day and appreciate those small wins. Something as simple as eating a chocolate bar can make the list, as long as it brings something positive to my day".

- Alicia, Outreach and Recruitment Assistant  

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, and focus on everything we feel we should have done, rather than what we did achieve. At the end of each day, I make a point of thinking of 3 things I’m grateful for that day.  

It could be anything, from completing a project, or crossing something off my to-do list, to a good meal, light traffic on my commute, or even just the weather! It only takes a minute, and I’ve found it helps me end the day on a positive note, rather than thinking about the things I didn’t manage to do or I wish I’d done better. 

- Tristan, Reward and Wellbeing Manager


Our favourite quotes


“I love the phrase made known by Caroline Flack that will probably have already been quoted by someone else "in a world where we can be anything, be kind" from her #bekind campaign.”

– Abi, online learning student, MSc Psychology

“One of my favourite quotes which I live by to be kind to myself when I get bogged down comparing myself to others and social media etc. is:

‘The earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have, and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be. You really will be happier in life if you let go of the things that you will never have’”

- Emily, Psychology Experimental Officer

“Being kind is bringing happiness to others. Be selfless not selfish, be grateful for what you have not envious of what you don't. Remember a smile goes a long way.”

– Vimesh, online learning student, MSc IT Security 

Thinking of others

As well as thinking about and looking after yourself, it’s also an important time to be thinking about and looking after each other.


“My ‘kindness top tip’ is to consciously try and remember little details that people have told you about themselves or their life, and then ask them about it. It really makes someone’s day when someone remembers little things like that – it shows they care!”

- Amy, Outreach and Recruitment Officer 

“Be kind to local businesses and the local people that depend on those jobs. Most businesses take 80% of their annual income in the three months before Christmas. If you want to see them after the lockdown, use them during it.”  

- Lisa, PR & Content Executive 

“Treat others how you would expect to be treated and be kind and supportive to yourself as you would a friend. Develop a positive self-image and believe in your abilities.

Everything starts in the mind – resilient people see themselves in a positive way.  Being able to focus on the good things in your life, celebrate your successes, build on your strengths and not dwell on problems will help to keep you in a positive and more effective mind-set.

Resilient people see difficulties as temporary and as opportunities to learn and grow. Practice transforming negative self-talk into positive self-talk and focusing on the successes.”

- Helen, Student Success Manager


A piece of cake!

Small and simple acts can go a long way with others, and who doesn’t love a piece of cake (or a similar sweet treat)? 


“My tip for more friendliness/kindness in a group of people (colleagues, students, friends) and to oneself is cake.

Just bring a few pieces of cake without any reason. Take a few minutes and give the cake away to your colleagues and classmates (and of course to yourself).  People are always happy about the cake and spend some nice time with you and you are happy that people are happy - cake always works!”

Torsten, Accommodation Officer - Berlin